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Your How to Stop Smoking Guide That Works

Your How to Stop Smoking Guide That Works

If You follow the 10 steps in the how to stop smoking guide and actually take action, every step will improve your chances of actually Quitting Smoking.

Deciding when and how to stop smoking is different for everyone. some people decide on the spur of the moment, while others need time to plan. Some people need stop smoking aids, while others just go cold turkey.

Before you begin with your how to stop smoking guide, make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit and keep it near to you at all times. Once you’ve stopped smoking, take a note every time you feel a benefit, such as feeling fitter or smelling better, and add it to your list. Soon you’ll have too many reasons not to go back to your old smoking self.

Start your how to stop smoking guide with START

S = Set a quit date.

T = Tell family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to quit.

A = Anticipate and plan for the challenges you’ll face while quitting.

R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and work.

T = Talk to your doctor about getting help to quit.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 1: Choose a stop smoking day.

The first and most important thing you must do in your how to stop smoking guide is How to Stop Smoking Guide Stop Signchoose a stop smoking day. This is a day in the near future when you will give up the cigarettes forever .
Not just cutting down on how many you smoke, or asking a friend or colleague for a draw, actually not having a cigarette at all.

You should think very carefully about the day you’re going to start with your how to stop smoking guide, as this is a day you will be changing your life forever.
Select one day where there will be plenty of opportunities to keep well away from cigarettes, Choose a day when you will be able to change your routine, or a day you will be able to avoid other smokers. Not as easy as it sounds.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 2: Find a how to stop smoking friend.

If you use your how to stop smoking guide and try Quitting by yourself, it is extremely difficult to resist temptation if a friend offers you a cigarette.

Ask friends and family to be supportive. Tell them you have a How to Stop Smoking Guide and If there’s someone close to you who wants to quit, consider quitting together for extra moral support.
It is so much easier going through the withdrawal symptoms.

How to Stop Smoking Facts:

Cigarettes are the most dangerous consumer product available on the market, and one in two smokers will be killed by them.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 3: Save the money

Smoking costs you a small fortune.

How to Stop Smoking Rewards

Spending $5 a day on cigarettes. Adds up to $150 a month, or $1,800 a year! From day one of using your how to stop smoking guide, pop the

$5 a day you would be spending on cigarettes, into a clear glass container so you can watch it building up. It does give you a buzz and an incentive to keep off the fags.

Have some goal of what your going to do with the money, A nice smoke free holiday, a total makeover with new clothes, or something you have wanted for a while but not been able to afford because of the fags.

If you manage to stay away from the cigarettes, you most certainly deserve it! see more information in www.beautykissmis.com

Reward Yourself.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 4: Remove all sign of cigarettes

To help you make your how to stop smoking day successful, enjoy your last cigarette the night before,
Make sure you have blitzed the house,car, and workplace of all smoking paraphernalia, so there is nothing that may tempt you just to have one more fag

This is easier said than done of course, if not done your chances of success with your how to stop smoking guide are reduced.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 5: One Day at a Time.

  • This is one step when your willpower will be stretched to the limit. After you wake up in the morning of the day your going to start your how to stop smoking guide, and each morning after that, the first thing you should say to yourself is that ‘just for today, I am a non smoker and I am not going to smoke.’
  • You will find it so much easier not smoking one day at a time.
  • Once you have the first day behind you without succumbing to the dreaded weed, then you will almost certainly get through the next day of your How to Stop Smokin guide.
  • Remember that giving up smoking is difficult, so even getting past one craving should be celebrated. Dont forget to read through you How to Stop Smoking Guide. It Does Help.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 6: Nicotine Replacement treatment (NRT).

You do not have to suffer by going cold turkey to quit nicotine and stop smoking – there’s lots of treatments out there that are nicotine based and can help you with your how to stop smoking Guide.

Most of these treatments are very effective, and can increase your chances of helping you to Stop smoking. There are loads of different products e.g.: nicotine patches, nicotine gums, lozenges, nasal sprays, and more.
All of these products contain lower doses of pure nicotine and contain none of the multitude of chemicals present in cigarette smoke.

How to Stop Smoking Facts:

Quitting never killed a smoker – but smoking kills over 6,000,000 people in the world every year!

How to Stop Smoking Facts:

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 7: Distractions

As you may of noticed when you smoke has a lot to do with your daily routine.

You light up with your first drink of the day, You have a fag after meals, You smoke when driving. Fact is you smoke more out of habit than necessity.

Cravings will only last for a few seconds so when you feel the cravings starting to kick in, try and do something that will distract you.

Read through your How to Stop Smoking Guide. Distracting yourself really enhances your chances of you stopping smoking.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 8: Weight Watching.

When trying to stop smoking, most smokers turn to food as a substitute for cigarettes.
To avoid weight gain, resist reaching for cakes, chocolate or crisps (all fattening) Reach for an apple, peach or grapes, (all healthy).

There are plenty of weight watchers snacks out there try one or two of those.

If you are watching your weight do some form of daily exercise swimming, jogging or even just walking for 1/2 an hour, will help you with watching your weight and quitting smoking.

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 9: No Thank you, I don’t smoke.

When you first use the words “No thank you, I don’t smoke”


You have done it you have quit smoking. Well done.

BUT its not quite over yet.

  • Most people when asked by a friend would you like a cigarette, tend to reply with
    no thanks im trying to quit.
  • Wrong because most smokers will say to you something like you must be choking for a ciggy, or I have tried several times and found it very hard.
  • This kind of comment will not help you at all and you will soon get sick and tired of it. Plus it just makes it that bit harder for you to withstand the cravings when you get them.

So try to remember when asked the dreaded question:

Would You Like a Cigarette ?

SAY: No thank you, I don’t smoke

How to Stop Smoking Guide Step 10: Stop, Stop and Stop Smoking Again.

Im sure you have heard the saying: If at First you don’t Succeed TRY, TRY and TRY Again.
Well im afraid its like that for most Smokers
It could take you several tries to Stop Smoking completely.
But if you really want to stop smoking persevere and you will Succeed


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