Why Women Should Stop Smoking

Why Women Should Stop Smoking


Reasons Why Women Should Stop Smoking.

Smoking poses a number of threats to women’s health. This is because it has adverse effects on a lot of issues that are associated with their daily living. If you are a woman and you smoke right now, you should think long and hard about giving up this vice.

Below are just some of the reasons

Why Women Should Stop Smoking
as soon as you can.


Why Women Should Stop Smoking

Smoking could decrease fertility among women. If you are planning to have a baby during your thirties or your forties and you smoke, then there is a great chance that you will not be able to have a baby at all. This is because women smokers who are delaying their plans for childbirth place themselves at a considerably greater risk of not being able to bear a child at all. Is this not a good enough reason
Why Women Should Stop Smoking
Based on recent studies, it is 3 to 4 times more likely for women smokers to need at least more than a year to be able to conceive compared to women who do not smoke. Aside from this, it has been noted that there is lesser response of the ovaries among women who smoke. The implantation and the fertilization of the fetus could also be impaired by daily nicotine intake. It is also believed that chemical components of tobacco has the capability to change the fluids found in the cervix, thus making it poisonous to the sperm that it comes in contact with. This makes it harder for them to achieve pregnancy. Give Children a Chance another reason Why Women Should Stop Smoking.

Why Women Should Stop Smoking 2)

Smoking and oral contraceptive don’t go well together. If using oral contraceptives or other forms of hormonal birth control methods is part of your daily routine as well as smoking, then there is a great risk for you to acquire cardiovascular diseases like strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks. This risk heightens as you grow in age. If you are woman aged 35 or older, it is advised that you do not smoke while using oral contraceptives. Another reason Why Women Should Stop Smoking NOW.

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Why Women Should Stop Smoking 3)

Smoking has adverse effects on menstruation and brings on early menopause. If you started smoking when you were a teenager, then the risk of getting menopause early is elevated by as much as three times. Women smokers almost always experience having menopausal symptoms earlier than those who do not smoke by two or three years.
Smoking can also bring on a number of menstrual problems. These include amenorrhea or not having your menstrual periods for a while, abnormal bleeding, and vaginal infections or discharges.

It is believed that early menopause and the abnormalities experienced by women during menstruation could be a result of the toxic effect that nicotine has on the ovaries. This is could also be because of the noted lower estrogen levels among women smokers than women who don’t smoke at all. More reasons Why Women Should Stop Smoking. Look after your Own Health

Why Women Should Stop Smoking 4)

Smoking can bring on pelvic inflammatory disease among women. It has been noted that pelvic inflammatory disease or what is more known as PID happens 33 percent more for women who smoke than those who have not touched a cigarette in their life or who have stopped smoking. PID is a disease that brings on pain to the patient and needs medical intervention as soon as possible. It often contributes to pelvic adhesions, ectopic pregnancies, and other problems when it comes to fertility.

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This is only 4 reasons Why Women Should Stop Smoking, there are many more


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