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Why Stop Smoking when it’s a great stress reliever ?

Why Stop Smoking when it’s a great stress reliever ?

I think few smokers would deny this statement. It’s like dealing with a child. When they are crying, what do you do? Just let them cry? Well, depending on your philosophy, maybe. But often an adult will try to appease a child by giving them something they want or that calms them, such as their favorite blanket or toy. It’s no different with smoking. To calm yourself down, you are essentially self-medicating and giving your body something you know it wants.

Why Stop Smoking ? Tobacco is a killer. Globally, around 4.9 million people die every year from diseases caused by smoking.

We now know the remedies to stop smoking like healthful living, exercise, determination, nicotine replacement therapy and the like. So Why Stop Smoking it’s just so hard, right? You stop smoking for a few days and just cannot do it so you start back up again. You stop for a few months, have a night out drinking with friends, and are sucked in to it, yet again. So Please tell me why stop smoking ?

And do not think for a second that you are alone. There are millions of people in the same place. There are billions of dollars made in the tobacco selling business and this fact will just not change, that’s for sure. The advertisements prey upon our weaknesses and lead us down the paths of temptation and addiction.

You may even be suffering from diagnosed problems such as physical pain or anxiety. There are other ways to deal with your

problems, however. Find a friend whom you can talk to about your life. Better yet, find a therapist or counselor. Perhaps a support group can be the way to go, and they are often free or affordable if you find them at places like churches or community centers. There’s nothing wrong with stress and change in your life. When we grow physically, emotionally or spiritually, we can experience anxiety. Everyone has the tendency to become sad at times or feel anxiety. But, we must try to overcome this or learn to deal with it positively.

Why Stop Smoking ? A 20-a-day smoker can spend over $2100* on cigarettes in one year.

Smokers make several excuses for smoking. For instance, feeling lonely or having a lot of job stress. One of the common excuses of the smoker is that a night out with friends makes it almost impossible not to smoke as almost every one does it so why stop smoking ? So, it’s not only stress that leads to smoking, but social situations.

There are also other excuses for not stopping the deadly habit, as we have proved it’s deadliness already. Many people are afraid of gaining weight after smoking. The average person does gain 5 pounds after they stop smoking so why stop smoking ?, but that’s hardly enough to keep you from doing it, right? Others may be afraid of the nicotine cravings.

Once you quit the smoking habit, you will realize how much better you feel for stopping. Even after you stop smoking, you may be tempted to have a cigarette from time to time, even months down the road. You may encounter the same social factors or stress that caused you to smoke so much, before. But try to be strong. Do not give in to temptation.

Smoking can reduce your lifespan by ten years. Think about what you could do with all that time.

Why Stop Smoking ? Smoking can reduce your lifespan by ten years. Think about what you could do with all that time.

But what about our true needs?

We are either afraid to fulfill them and are afraid of truly being happy, or we just refuse to believe we have the power within ourselves to Stop Smoking. So why stop smoking ?

The smoker has made a mistake by making smoking so important and something done without thinking, anymore. Smoking so easily becomes a crutch and something you think you can’t live without. Obviously, it’s not healthy for your body and it’s not even healthy for your mind to think you can avoid your problems and ease your stress with a drug. And a deadly drug, at that. Perhaps you are just filling a void. In any case, you know you need to do something, and today.

Whenever you want to smoke, count to 20. As you are counting, try to mentally count down all the reasons you had previously written down for quitting. Once you get to 20, you should have the mental fortitude to make the right decision.

Pathetic Excuses for Smoking

Why Stop Smoking Tobacco is the only legally available consumer product which kills people.

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