What Causes Dandruff : 10 Possible Causes of Dandruff

What Causes Dandruff : 10 Possible Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff that are identified as Pityriasis simplex capillitii, arises when the natural cycle of skin regeneration is paced up. This shows patches of dead skin that appear on the scalp and is visible in between the hair, producing flakes combined with dandruff. Dandruff bring about excessive itching and few of the important causes are responsible for it.

What Causes Dandruff ?

  1. Uneven or Insufficient Use of Shampoo: Many people avoid applying shampoo on their hair frequently; thus it leads to building of dead skin and oil and approaching of more dandruff. Even if they apply too much shampoo on the hair or use distinct hair products, they’ll have dry scalp resulting in flakes. So if your hair fails to obtain sufficient amount of shampoo, you may be the victim of gathering dandruff.

  1. Irking Oily Skin: It can happen in different parts of your body including scalp, eyebrows, sides of your nose, and ear back. Your skin parts can turn reddish in color and also oily. The irking, oily skin is identified as seborrheic dermatitis that can irritate you with growing of white or yellowish flakes.

  1. Uneven Style of Combing Hair: Many of you might not be brushing your hair on regular basis, and thus your hair may get twirled with the development of more dandruff. When you comb your hair regularly, it aids in dropping out of skin that is a vital part of your body’s normal progression.

  1. Yeast Sensitivities: Few people can undergo the condition of yeast sensitivity and thus can grow dandruff too. This infection can affect them badly especially in winter than the summer because of the sun’s UVA rays that works against the yeast development.

  1. Extra Stress: Stress can affect you in growth of dandruff. As people nowadays are having excessive stress in their personal lives, they can apt towards emitting additional oil on the scalp that can be built eventually.

  1. Inadequate Ingestion of Definite Kinds of Vitamins and Minerals: As per said by experts, you can also build up dandruff on your head if you are not taking proper amount of foods rich in vitamin B, zinc and few kinds of fats.

  1. Skin Problem and Neurological Problem: If people are suffering from eczema or psoriasis problem, then they may also develop more amounts of dandruff on their hair repeatedly. Even if they’re experiencing neurological ill health like Parkinson’s disease, they are prone to grow dandruff. Even if they possess weak immune systems, they seem to have dandruffs too.

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  1. Weather State: When the climate of your city is excessive cold for which you’ve to remain in an overheated room, you can cultivate itchy and flaky type skins. Though you can apply moisturizer on the upper portion of your skins, but you cannot do so for your scalp that shows the way towards small, non-oily flakes.

  1. Malasezzia: Malasezzia is a kind of fungus that gradually blooms on your scalp. If by chance the dandruffs overgrow a lot, they will nourish more from oil exuded by the hair follicles. Thus you tend to rub your scalp more as dandruffs will start irritating you, forcing your body to generate skin cells in quantity. They can disappear as well as appear yet again that is identified as dandruff on your hair.

  1. HIV: As per a study, it is known that 10% people experience HIV-positive, and they are spotted to suffer from dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.

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Therefore, when you come to know about the various causes of dandruff, you should pay heed in warding them off as soon as possible.


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