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What Causes Acne – Leading Causes Of Acne Explained


What Causes Acne?

People over decade are still asking a lot of questions regarding acne particularly what causes it. Teenager and adult can experience acne and it may affect their lives in many ways. Here are some facts that answer to the cause of acne.

So, What Causes Acne?

Many Type of Acne is one of the chronic skin problems involving the skin follicles. Each of these follicles is connected to sebaceous glands which is responsible for sebum or skin oil production. They are commonly found on face and scalp, can also be located on every part of the skin except palms of hand and soles of the feet. The sebum acts as lubricant to the surface of the skin and in some there is over production. When excess sebum is combined with dead skin cells it causes the pores to clog and starts the cause of acne.

The skin is normally shreds off unnoticeably to replace the dead skin cells. Some people who suffer acne produce more skin cells than normal. Dead skin and skin oil are trapped in pores making the follicle to enlarge and results to follicular obstruction. This obstruction causes the inflammation and infection, and we call them pimple. Whiteheads occur when the obstruction remain close while blackheads occur when the enlarged follicle is exposed to air.

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Bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes, normal bacteria that live in a healthy skin flora. They are usually found where fatty acids and sebum are produced. One explanation why it is being link to cause of acne is that when the follicle is disrupted the normal bacteria die causing the increase of irritation, redness, swelling and inflammation. The areas most commonly involved in acne are the face, upper chest and back. Personal hygiene is not that related to the cause however routine like exfoliating is necessary.

Hormones are also associated to the cause of acne. As we mature, hormones in our body also develops and hormone called androgen triggers the onset of acne. Production of androgen is at its peek during adolescence. Over production of androgen is correlated to sebaceous gland to increase sebum production causing acne. Hormonal changes associated with menstruation, pregnancy, stress, endocrine imbalance, and ovarian disease are being link to cause acne for women.

For some stress is often blamed for the cause of acne. Our stress hormone rises when we are under anxiety. This will lead to increase the amount of oil production. As we all know excessive oil in the skin causes acne. Stress also affects the body to naturally repair itself.

Diet can also be a causative factor in acne. Dermatologists agree milk and other dairy products may cause acne for teens. A study shows that some milk is produce and sold in the United States contains iodine which can cause acne. Eating spinach and shell fish are believed to worsen the acne condition because of its high iodine content. Eating more fruits and vegetables are more recommended by skin experts.

Adults and teenagers have much pressure to cope up with facing every life situation in work and in school. Every one of us wants to achieve success in everything that we do. We all wanted a beautiful life most specially beautiful and clear face. 80% of the world’s population suffers from acne, you are not alone. Good thing is that there is this anti-acne product that eliminates acne and prevents breakout called Exposed.


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