What Are The Best Exercises For Tummy Fat?

What Are The Best Exercises For Tummy Fat?

Are you aware of the various exercises for tummy fat? Do you know your stomach region is prone to accumulating fat faster than any other part of your body? The problem is that it’s easy to accumulate fat around your belly, but it’s extremely difficult to get rid of it. If you know all this, you are on the right path to discover how to shed belly fat. In case you are not aware of the exercises for stomach fat, consider this article as your guide and continue reading.

The first point that should be mentioned, before going on to the different exercises for tummy fat is that in order to obtain effective results, it is quite necessary that you plan up a diet. The diet should be determined keeping in view the factors of your weight, height, age, gender, eating habits, daily routine activities and most importantly how fast you require your belly to come in a perfect shape.

Perhaps, you may have tried a number of exercises for stomach fat, but have been disappointed by the ultimate results. It’s time you let go of fake exercises and go for ones that are specifically aimed to reduce your belly fat. I have listed down three ways to accommodate your exercises for tummy fat.

Crunches: Did you ever know crunches are exercises that particularly target areas of excess fat? Many people tend to forego crunches because they consider it as a difficult or medieval exercise or even both. Start the process by lying on the floor with your knees bent inwards and you face the ceiling. Make sure that the lower back is touched to the ground level. Place your hands below your ears and pull yourself up a few inches from the ground. Hold yourself for 5 seconds. Release and repeat.

Full cycle torso twist: Stand straight on the floor with your hands clasped on the top of your head. Turn your face to the right position and slowly bend towards your right foot. Give your stomach a twist until the torso completes a full cycle that passes from your left foot and is positioned again in a clasped manner on the top of your head. Complete 5 circles and reverse the arc direction by switching sides.

Bicycle pumps: Press your lower back onto the ground until it is completely touched. Raise and bend your either knee and raise the opposite hand to it. Do the elbow-to-knee touching exercise repeatedly for twenty times and repeat the process for the other pair.

In addition to these exercises for stomach fats, sitting back and relaxing should be part of your routine. It is not commonly known by people that stress too is the main cause for attracting fat on the stomach as this part is more receptive to cortisol, which increases due to stress. Planning activities such as enjoying the music or reading your favorite books, in addition with the exercises for tummy fat, will help you reduce your belly bulge.

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