Various Workouts to Lose Stomach Fats

Various Workouts to Lose Stomach Fats

It is not necessarily important to join a gym for practicing workouts to lose stomach fats. Although these gyms may provide beneficial results and may give ways about how to shed belly fat, it may also part you from some of your hard-earned money.

In order to lose stomach fat without paying any amount to the high priced gym, Keli Roberts has formulated a fitness workout based on a cardiovascular system. He guarantees that after adopting this routine for no more than ten minutes, you will definitely burn up 150 calories each day.

For your convenience, I will describe the procedure in a minute-by-minute order so that you can achieve ultimate positive results without any hassle.

The initial two minutes of cardio workouts to lose stomach fats should be dedicated to skipping rope. Start the process by giving two jumps on each turn of the rope. A word of caution here is that always jump in a smooth manner so that less stress is pulled onto your upper portion of the bottom of your foot. Let the thought prevail in your mind that you are losing weight.

The other two to three minutes in these exercises for stomach should incorporate squat thrust into a push up workout. The proper way to do this is to stretch your feet and shoulder apart and place your arms down besides your sides. Steadily squat your head down in the forward position and touch the floor with your hands also positioned in a forward order. Perform a pushup position in one movement and give one powerful pushup. Return back to the squat movement and stand back straight. Remember, the fat is burning.

Third and fourth minute should be utilized again by a jump rope but this time only one jump per turn is permissible.

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Fourth to fifth minute requires a squat thrust and push up workout with an addition of the side plank. After the squat thrust and pushup exercise, turn your left arm on the top of your head. During this course of workout, your left foot will be placed on your right foot. Rotate your head so as to look up at the ceiling. Repeat on the other side.

Fifth to sixth minute are the same as minutes three to four.

Your sixth and seventh minute is the same as two to three with a leg lift. The only difference is that after your pushup lift up your toes twelve inches from the ground and release. Repeat the process for the other leg as well.

Seventh and eight minute – repeat the procedure in the third and fourth minute.

Eighth and ninth minute involves the fourth and fifth minute exercise this time with a jogging workout as a twist.

Finally, the ninth and tenth minute, jump up a rope. Hopefully, you have kept in your mind that you really are losing weight. So, do these workouts to lose stomach fats everyday and say goodbye to your belly fat.

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