Common Types Of Skin Peels Often Use For Skin Lightening

skin lightening with peel

A skin peel for the purpose of skin lightening is also known as skin exfoliation. It is a very popular method used for general skin care and skin health. The term peeling refers to different methods of removing dead cells from the surface layers of the skin.

The skin peel can help remove toxins and improve blood circulation which will help a wide variety of skin imperfections like acne scars, clogged pores, brown spots, blotchy patches, etc. So a skin peel in general is good for the skin and something that should be considered as a part caring for your skin health.

However how often it is done and how many surface layers are removed is what affect the color and complexion. That is the objective when using skin peels to achieve skin lightening. In other world it is done much more frequently and goes way beyond the normal skin peel.

The general concept of the way it works is that very astringent agents are used to sort of scrub away the very thing and outermost layers. This is called the epidermis layers. It reveals younger and healthier looking skin underneath. A normal skin peel may just do one or two layers. In the case of skin lightening there are more layers scrubbed.

Common Types Of Skin Peels
Often Use For Skin Lightening

Chemical Skin Peel

This usually use natural acids which are made from fruits, milk, or plants. The most popular are Malic acid from apples, Tartaric acid from grapes, and Salicylic acid from sweet birch. Then there is lactic acid from milk and Glycolic acid from the sugar cane. The objective is to dissolve the glue like substance between the skin surface and the outer layer dead skin.

Mechanical Skin Peel

This is done with different particles made of natural and synthetic materials. They are referred to as exfoliating particles. And the objective is to actually scrub the skin.

Enzyme Peel

It is usually made of enzymes derived from Papayas, Pineapples, or Pumpkins. Its objective is dissolving dead cells. Many say the benefit is less potential irritation unlike the mechanical scrubbing or the chemical acids.

Laser Resurfacing

Just as the name sounds a high intensity beam of light is used. The laser beam actually vaporizes the imperfections like wrinkles, scars, etc. The outer most layers of skin are removed. Once again how much they do and how far they go is really the difference between skin care and skin lightening.


This uses a very fine and high speed brush to remove dead skin layers.


This is a the uses a stream of very fine crystals instead of a brush.

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All of these methods are performed in a licensed professional dermatologist office.

However there are many over the counter products with the same concept of the Mechanical peel, or exfoliation. They are gels, lotions, masks, or a soft washcloth. They have step by step directions and say it is safe to use at home.

Of course anything to do with lasers, the dermabrasion, or microdermabrasion should always only be done by a specially trained professional.

Skin peels can help to resolve a number of common skin problems. However they should be used with caution. They are very strong solutions whose goal is to alter your body. In the case of using them to achieve skin lightening there is always the possibility of leaving the acidic solution on too long, or going too deep with the scrubbing products, etc. Both of which can cause injury, and damage to the new young cells.

The best advice, as always, is to thoroughly educate yourself before attempting any kind of skin peel. If it is your first experience then you should not use the over-the-counter products and go to a professional.

So many people all over the world are looking for solutions on how to lighten skin naturally. Why risk potential damage when you can learn to lighten skin naturally?

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