Tricks And Tips To Remove Head Lice From Children’s Hair

Tricks And Tips To Remove Head Lice From Children’s Hair

If you a parent who has children with head lice, once you ask to yourself, “am I bad parent that let my children get head lice? Only people who doesn’t care about family cleanliness that infected these little monsters.” Hey, you don’t have to feel bad if this horrible thing happend to your children. Having head lice is common problem.

Head lice are tiny parasites which live in scalp. They breed so quickly and can move to other people by many ways such as exchange cloth or other thing with someone who infected or by head to head.

Childrenhood is a time where we share everything. So, it is so common if a child get lice after playing with friend. But there is an interesting fact among black children and lingter skin children. When a black children is growing up, they (usually) straighten their hair. The heat from the straightener will kill head lice and nits. Indirectly, straightening their hair is head lice treatment for black people.

If your children’s hair is straight, you can use home remedies to get rid of head lice. Getting home remedies are better and of course safer than chemical drugs from drugstore. A chemical drug has side effect for body. Don’t bet your children’s health with this kind of uncertainty.

What to do?

Do you know that we can remove head lice with mayonnaise ? Many people tried this way and they are satisfy with the result. You just need a jar of mayo and all lice will die. Take some tablespoons of mayonnaise and apply it thoroughly onto scalp. Cover hair with shower cap before bed and leave it for one night. Wash hair with shampoo and hot water to clean mayo. Comb hair to get free from dead lice. Repeat this treatment if necessary.


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