Tips to Remove Freckle with Black Pepper Mask

Tips to Remove Freckle with Black Pepper Mask

Freckle is one of the annoying problem for ladies. It can make us uncomfortable and not confidence. Having a clean face is a dream. Many ways to make the dream comes true. One of them is using black pepper. Beside removing dark spot, black pepper contain anti-inflamation substance and anti-bacteria. These substances are important to resist pimples.

Tips to remove freckle with black pepper can be applied easy. You just need one teaspoon of yogurt and a few amount of black pepper. First, pound black pepper seed into tiny shape (don’t pound it too smooth). Mix black pepper and yogurt thoroughly. Make sure your face is clean and ready to apply. Massage your face gently for 2 or 3 minutes. Don’t massage too long because it will make your face hot.

Bay the way, if you don’t really like the hot effect of black pepper mask, you can choose cucumber mask. Cucumber also has many benefits to keep skin healthy. For many years, people remove freckle with cucumber. When you have scar on face or get injured, mask cucumber will not hurt.

Take a cucumber and slice it. Put them in fridge until freezing. Take them out and massage your face with them. You also can juice the cucumber and apply it on the face. Leave the mask for 30 minutes and clean your face without face soap.

No matter way you take it is safe for your face. May be there are many kind of removal freckles in the store. But we never know what ingredient they made of. So, we should choose one of them carefully.

However, taking a natural remedy is safer for body. Nothing chemical ingredients which we don’t know the reaction to the body. So, whether you choose black pepper or cucumber, both have good benefits for the beauty.


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