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Tips To Brighten Your Face With Jicama

tips mendapatkan wajah putih bersinar dengan  masker bengkoang

         If you are struggling to remove dark spot, uneven skin color, dull-look skin, then you must try something more natural, Jicama. Here you will get tips to brighten your face with jicama. You might have known about Jicama which part of tuber. Some people consider it as fruit and the others say it’s vegetable. No matter what family it belongs to, the most important thing is it can brighten up your skin.

You can make jicama mask to brighten your face and own great complexion. Here what you need to make the mask:

  •  2 medium-sized jicamas
  •  1 spoonful of olive oil

         This is one of the skin whitening methods that work. First of all, you have to wash jicamas with clean water. Then, grate jicama and take out the water using clean cloth. Put aside the water until the sediment visible. Sort out the sediment from the water. Let the sediment become starch. Apply jicama starch to your clean face evenly. You may use a brush or your hands for application. Let it stay on your face for about 20-30 minutes. Then cleanse your face with cold water and wipe it with soft towel.

         After using jicama mask, you may apply olive oil to your face and let it stay overnight. You may wash your face in the morning. For your information, jicama benefits to your face because its contents such as vitamin C and B1, pachyrizon, and rotenon. The contents are responsible to make healthier and brighter skin.

         Jicama is not a new face in cosmetic industry. It’s been used for a long time as an extract for skin whitener products. However, it must be safer to make jicama mask yourself because you don’t need to add chemical substances. You can use tips to brighten your face with jicama once to twice a week.

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