The Truth About ab Burning Workouts

The Truth About ab Burning Workouts

Okay guys and gals here is the scoop: ab burning workouts can be done easily from home as they can be done at the gym! What the big gym corporations don’t want you to know is that many of the exercises that the personal trainers have you doing at the gym can be done right in your own home.

Ab burning workouts and exercises for tummy fat don’t need to be performed under the watchful and often times judgmental eyes of those personal trainers. If you want to know how to lose fat on stomach then keep on reading!

Before you begin make sure you have a nice wide space to work out in. So move the couch back or push the dining table off to the side because you’re about to get physical. These ab burning workouts will have you up on your feet and moving around so you don’t want to be near anything that could break or that you could bump in to.

Get your blood pumping by starting off with some jumping jacks or star jumps, and then after five minutes move into some low jumps. These are the similar to star jumps only you keep your abs in and stay down low. Next, move into some squats but keep the intensity high. Put your feet a little wider than shoulder length apart and move like you are about to sit down on a chair. But don’t use this time to actually sit down because you should be doing sets of around ten of these squats at a time. Make sure to keep your back straight.

If you want some harder and more intense abs six pack workout then go down further with the squats or add some pulsing. At the beginning, the squats should be just simple up and down, but going down further is a great way to lose tummy fat and give your abs a work out. When pulsing, go down as low as you can and then move up and down in quick succession. Another set of workouts to lose stomach fat includes going into a low squat position and then holding still for ten or fifteen seconds.

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All of these exercises can be combined to perform great workouts for abs; start off with jumping jacks to get your heart rate up, move to low jumps, then alternate squats with squats with pulses and then holding, and then start the routine all over again. If it gets too hard remember to always go back to the jumping backs to keep your heart rate up. Do these ab burning workouts at least four days a week for forty minutes and you will start to notice the difference very soon.

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