The Definition And Facts Of Chemical Skin Bleaching

The Definition And Facts of Chemical Skin Bleaching

Skin whitening process with bleaching agents to lighten skin pigmentation: It can be used to soothe skin marred by hyperpigmentation, acne, or pregnancy. The bleaching products are also controversially used in African and Asian cultures, to help allsections of the skin.

Cause of the skin whitening habits

According to a story reported on Jamaicans.com, people massively use skin bleaching, which they regard as fair-skinned people are more attractive and better. Others use it to fill their skin color, so it’s more an aesthetic concern about dark spots, or punctual skin discolorations.

Timeframe of skin treatments

Bleaching dark skin color of the surrounding skin can take a long time. Some studies show that the estimated timeframe could take up to a year or more.

Main Chemical Ingredients

Hydroquinone, mitracarpus scaber extract, beta carotene, dithiaoctanediol, Licorice Extract, Arctostaphylos UVA Ursi Leaf Extract, gluconic acid, azelic acid, Kojic acid and Vitamin C: all these ingredients are component of skin bleaching products.

Chemical Hazards of Bleaching Products

According to Public Radio International, some people use illegal bleaching agents, as legal entities are too expensive These pratice can be very dangerous. Illegal bleaching products may contain toxic levels of mercury or illegal ingredients that can disfigure the face.

Undesired Side Effects of Skin Bleaching

Bleach will damage the skin, causing severe acne, dark marks or creases. The excessive use of bleaching products with hydroquinone can cause nausea, shortness of breath, delirium, convulsions and signs of a fatal overdose.

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You understand that using massive chemical products for skin bleaching can lead to irreversible troubles. If lightening your skin can be a fair concern from an aesthetic point of view, it should never lead to illegal substance abuse and use of dangerous products.

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