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Surprising Facts About Cause Dandruff

Surprising Facts About Cause Dandruff

If you are wondering what causes dandruff, you have to first understand that this condition can either be a simple skin nuisance or a manifestation of a more serious physical ailment hence it is important that you earnestly deal with it. Although this does not mean that just because you have it you already need to panic. This thing can be dealt with and there are various remedies you could opt for.

In order for you to employ the most effective solution given your specific situation, you should pinpoint what causes dandruff.  Here is a list of common causes and health related dandruff triggers and how they could be dealt with.

What Causes Dandruff:  The Common Reasons

Insufficient hair brushing. What causes dandruff could be related to one’s hair brushing habit. Our hair needs regular combing not just for gloss or shine but moreover to eliminate dead cells on the scalp.  Solution: You can purchase an effective hairbrush and massage your scalp through regular brushing.

Shampooing practice. Improper shampooing can be another answer to what causes dandruff. Improper within the context that this item could mean either one of these possibilities: not shampooing as much as one should, or using the type of shampoo that is not suited to one’s hair and scalp condition.

Solution: You could purchase a shampoo that can reduce oiliness on the scalp and use it consistently.

Dry skin. If you have dry skin, this may very well be what causes dandruff on your scalp.

Solution: To reduce your skin’s oiliness, you could use a brand of shampoo which gives more moisture compared to other brands available in the market.

Yeast infection. What causes dandruff can be something as subtle as yeast infection on the scalp. Typically this kind of infection manifests itself in the more visible parts of the body hence it is hard to determine whether your scalp is already infected by the condition.  Solution: It is best if you visit an expert dermatologist and get the right diagnosis and treatment if you suspect yeast infection on your scalp. Also you have to remember that people are more susceptible to yeast infection during cold weather hence you should observe better self-grooming and hygiene during these seasons.

Seborrhea dermatitis. This skin condition is characterized by redness and greasy, flaky skin. The flakes are usually yellow or white in color. This particular skin condition triggered by oiliness could also be attributed to what causes dandruff.

Solution: This condition also calls for an expert diagnosis. During this instance, you should visit a nearby derma clinic for an effective treatment plan.

What Causes Dandruff: Health Related Triggers

Skin illness. What causes dandruff could also be other more serious skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. If you think your dandruff is triggered by one of these, it is best to consult a dermatologist for you to get a spot-on diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.

Fungal infection. One of the most common fungi which can be blamed when it comes to what causes dandruff is called malassezia. We all have these fungi on our scalp and they are oftentimes harmless but once they get out of control these fungi could trigger dandruff creation. The best way to deal with this condition is through proper hygiene.

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HIV. Perhaps this is one of the least entertained possibilities in terms of what causes dandruff but there is actually truth with this one. HIV considerably deteriorates the body’s immune system and the most visible manifestation of this is skin problems. But of course this could also be the most far-fetched among the items on this list so there is no need to suddenly feel concerned about it.

Other medical conditions. It has been found out that people with low immune system are more prone to dandruff. Illnesses like Parkinson’s disease or heart problems are also directly related to what causes dandruff. Mental stress is also a factor attributed to what causes dandruff. It has been found that people who are undergoing elevated levels of stress or trauma are more prone to the problem.  Dandruff is something many people have encountered at some point in their lives. The good thing about this is that it can easily be treated so you must not concern yourself too much.

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The aforementioned answers to what causes dandruff are not exhaustive. There are many other possibilities when it comes to what causes dandruff but the best solution is to consult a reputable dermatologist so that you can have the most appropriate treatment


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