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Some Nutritious Foods For Hair Growth

Some Nutritious Foods For Hair Growth

Beautiful hair is really essential for enhancing our beauty. Nowadays most of the people are suffering by different kinds of hair problem. By breaking the root of hair, damaging the hair, brightness of hair has removing and come rough mode and hair fall are the most frequent and common problem of our hair. That’s why our hair becomes ugly. In such hair cannot be adjust with any kinds of style. In many cases branded products does not work for in such hair. Then we all the people fall in many danger. But due to our mistake we are facing in such problem. The main reason behind in such problem is lacking of nutrition. For giving solution for all kinds of hair problem, we have to eat nutritional foods.

In this content, we are going to describe about some good foods that are sound like very vital for our health and hair.


Egg is very essential for our good health. Egg contains vitamin B and biotin that helps to grow our hair as well as keep the skin of our head good. To keep the hair health well you have to keep egg on your regular food list. Also you can use egg mask to your hair. Just use 2 eggs. Not the whole egg, the white part of the egg and use 4-tablespoon olive oil and make a deep paste and then use it on your hair for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair. It will keep your hair save from different problem.


Spinach contains a lot of iron and foliage. If we will able to eat this green vegetables regularly then the level of hemoglobin of our body will increase and thus the oxygen reaches into the follicle. As a result our hair grow speedy and skin of the head remain good.

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Yellow, red and green Capsicum contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very essential to increase our hair. It increases our hair very nicely also the brightness of our hair will be boosted and roughness will be removed. That’s why keep for hair healthy health we have to consume salad and Capsicum as much as possible with our daily meal.


Peas are a protein that is very much essential for our body cell. It also helps to increase the hair cell of our body. It helps to increase the hair growth and remove the rough mode. That is why keep Peas into your food list.

Sweet Potato:

Sweet potato contains a lot of vitamin A and Bit Carotene which protect our hair from loss and that is why it is also essential to eat sweet potato.

All of the above foods are very much essential to keep our hair good and to raise the growth of hair. If we can able to keep in such foods into our daily food list then we will able to keep our hair from out of several hair problems. Thus, we will able to enhance our total outlook.

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