Scrubbing With Olive Oil And Salt For Smooth Skin

Scrubbing With Olive Oil And Salt For Smooth Skin

         Olive oil is natural oil which has been used for health benefit. It can be used for cooking or body treatment. It’s even once called as “liquid gold’ because of its color and amazing health benefits. It contains antioxidant agent (Vitamin E) so scrubbing with oilve oil and salt for smoother skin is true. Then, it doesn’t clog pores so you can say goodbye to acne and comedo.

      Healthy skin promotes smooth and glow look. To make your skin smoother, you need to exfoliate dead skin cells so it can be replaced with new cells. Olive oil is a good exfoliator because it doesn’t irritate skin. Skin peel in general is good for the skin. Peeling is recommended to promote healthier skin. However, using natural item like olive oil is more recommended that chemical product.

Another amazing item beside olive oil is salt. You might be wondering how salt can improve your beauty. Salt contains natural mineral providing benefits for restoring, protecting, and improving your skin health. You can make paste made of olive oil and sea salt for scrubbing.

         First of all, you need to prepare two teaspoon olive oil and a teaspoon of sea salt to be used for face only. Mix the two ingredients and scrub it to your face while gently massaging. Then wash your face with luke warm water. If you need it for the whole body, you may add the amount as needed or 2:1 ratio. Repeat this treatment twice a week for smoother and younger-look skin.

         Sea salt is a good exfoliator for skin because it doesn’t peel only but also give nutrients needed. Olive oil is a good anti-irritant agent needed in peeling process. Hence, the use of both ingredients will complete each other. Scrubbing with olive oil and salt for smoother skin has been tried by lots of women and it WORKS.


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