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Scientific Reasons of Hair Loss

Scientific Reasons of Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the main problem for the people whom are very aware about their beauty. The American Academy of Dermatology has showed a report that among the total population in this world 15-16 percent people are suffering by the problem of hair fallen. Both women and men are suffering by it. But the anxious for hair fallen is more for women than men. Our hair is increase half inch in every month. Generally a hair becomes big till the highest time of 4 years and then the increase of the hair reduces and in the middle of very short time it fallen automatically. But why our hair is fallen most the people don’t know the exact reason or may not try to know. In this content we are going to discuss about the reasons behind hair fallen.

Stress or mental pressure: If you remain under anxious or mental pressure then your hair may fall more than usual. But in such hair fall may temporary and again new hair can be fallen. But if you will remain under long time mental pressure than your hair fall may permanent.

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Food Habits: Hair health depends up to the mental nutritional status. On your daily food list you have to keep carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamin and if you will not able to keep up the elements that mentioned above then your hair can be fallen. Also due to not having long time physical elements our hair can be fallen.

Traction Alopecia: For a special style if your brush your hair very tightly or hardy then in such hair can be happened. In such hair loss can be permanent. Too much use of coloring agent, blicing products, hair straightened, pumping hair are the reasons for this problem.

Androgen: Androgenic hormone is one of the reason for hair fallen. Men have more than women and this hormone affects on our hair and thus our hair fallen. Due to this hormone men are more sufferer then women. But not for everyone. A men can start to be bland from the age of 20. This hormone is the main reason for hair fallen and becoming bland of men.

Hormonal Changes: Due to changes of hormone our hair can be fallen. Such as it the level of thyroid hormone will be reduced or high then during the time of pregnancy and after giving birth of a child women can face huge hair fall problem. When the condition of hormone will be back to its previous situation then again hair can be grown and it will take 1 year at least to get back to the previous position.

After operation: After doing a big surgery on your body you may face hair fall problem. This is the result of side effects of any medicine. But when you will become well then in the middle of 4-8 weeks your hair will be get back to the previous position.

Hair fallen due to diseases: Due to some diseases such as Anemia, typhoid, jaundice, malaria, diabetes our hair can be fallen. In such case after becoming well hair don’t go to the previous position.

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