Tips for Removing Brown Spots on Skin

Tips for Removing Brown Spots on Skin

Brown spots on skin can occur because the body produces too little or too much melanin. This faulty level of melanin production is generally caused by excessive unprotected UV exposure or hormonal imbalances, or even an injury to the skin. When it comes to fair skin, melanin will provide a certain amount of sun protection by absorbing UV rays. This will explain why individuals with darker skin are less susceptible to sunburns and the overall effects caused by sun damage.

Protecting Yourself against Brown Spots on Skin

Your first line of defense against brown spots on skin will be sunscreen. The consistent use of sunscreen alone can repair and protect your skin from further damage. No other type of preventative measure can protect you as well as applying sunscreen daily, before leaving the house. While avoiding direct sun exposure and using sunscreen is essential for the prevention of brown spots on skin, there are a number of options to consider when it comes to finding the right solution. The best treatments will incorporate the combination of lotions, gels, and sunscreen and prescription strength retinoid.  Strong exfoliates and chemical peels can also work to remove skin discoloration and provide you with an even and glowing complexion.

Hydroquinone is a common and effective ingredient that’s found in a number of skin lightening products. The topical application of this chemical has been found to be an effective and safe solution for skin discoloration.

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Some studies have also shown azelaic acid to be just as effective as creams and lotions that contained hydroquinone and it also offers less of a risk of skin irritation, inflammation and redness.

Alpha hydroxyl acids are believed to help with the cell turnover rate while also removing abnormal or unhealthy layers of superficial skin cells. Alpha hydroxyl acids can be effective for improving the overall appearance of skin that’s been damaged due to excessive UV exposure and it can also work to allow other ingredients to penetrate the skin better.

Cosmetic Procedures for Age Spot Treatment

Laser treatments are offered as cosmetic procedures and will be administered by cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists. This procedure will work to get rid of brown spots on skin by removing the top layer of skin, allowing for new skin to take its place. These procedures are said to be effective and relatively painless, however, it can take four to six treatments before the skin discoloration is removed entirely. At the cost of $200 to $800 per session, this can add up to a very expensive treatment option.

Chemical peels are another common cosmetic procedure used to treat skin discoloration. Over the counter peels will only be effective in removing the top layer of skin, while peels that are administered in the office of a dermatologist are significantly stronger and designed to remove several layers. After a chemical peel has taken place you can expect your skin to peel for one to two weeks after the procedure has taken place.

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