Magical Benefits of Aloe Vera; Remove Freckle And Lenghten Eyelash

Remove Freckle And Lenghten Eyelash

Aloe vera is one of the magical plant. It has many benefit for beauty and health. This plant consist of good substance like enzyme, amino acid, mineral, vitamin, polysaccharides, and other substances.

In use for skin care, aloe vera can remove pimples, moisten and detoxify skin, skin removal, reduce inflammation and skin regeneration. Aloe vera also can be used for growing and blackening hair.

Remove freckle

The benefits of aloe vera still go on. With this natural ingredients, you can remove freckles. The process is so simple. Just wash your face and take fresh juice of aloe vera leaves then rub onto your face. Leave it for 30 minutes. Clean your face with water and make it dry. Repeat this treatment 2 times a day for 3 weeks and see the result.

Lenghten Eyelash

Every woman want to have long and thick eyelash. For instant result, they use mascara or false eyelash to create dramatic effect. But these things bring side effect for eye like eye irritation and loss of eyelashes.

Don’t worry because you can use aloe vera to lenghten and thicken eyelash. To apply it, clean up your eyelash from chemical material like mascara, rub carefully the gel to eyelash and wait for 30 minutes. Then you can wash your eyelash with water. For best result, repeat it as often as possible.

Furthermore, you also can use aloe vera to black eyebrows. Clean your eyebrows if you use eyebrows pencil. Take some gel of aloe vera and apply to over eyebrows. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse your eyebrows properly. Do this treatment as often as possible to have black and thick eyebrows. Having a natural black eyebrow will complet your beauty. So, don’t waste time to try this at home.

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