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Read This Carefully Before You Treat Pubic Lice (Crabs)

Read This Carefully Before You Treat Pubic Lice (Crabs)

No matter who you are, get lice is very disturbing but there are always ways to get rid of lice. Especially if you have smooth hair. But it does not guarantee that black people who have coarse hair are immune. They also can being infected by lice. However, they have unique method how to prevent lice in black people. They can straighten their hair to kill lice.

Besides straightening hair, we also can solve this problem with natural home remedy like mayonnaise. Applying a small amount of mayonnaise is an easy tips to remove lice from children’s hair. Adult can use this trick too.

Lice don’t live only in head hair. They also live in other’s hair like pubic hair. People also called pubic lice with crabs. These lice live in pubic hair. They are smaller than head and body lice. Someone can be infected by these parasites because sexual contact, exchange cloth or towel with people who got them first.

Pubic lice also breed quickly. After 10 days, the nits (lice eggs) will be nymphs and they start feeding on blood. If you don’t prevent this happend, you will feel itchy skin and red rash because their bite. Stratching on your pubic is common reaction when having pubic lice and of course, it make your confidence lost. The itchy skin become worst at night. You will stratch again and again on there.

Can I shave it all?

You may think that shave all pubic hair is the easy way to treat pubic lice. Cutting pubic hair may a good solution to get free from lice and the nits but without other cleanliness action, pubic lice will be back. So, it is important to diagnose yourself early before it become worst.

There are many drugs to get rid of pubic lice. But if you are not sure what remedy to take for removing them from pubic, you may see the doctor for best advice.



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