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Nutrition and Vitamins that Help Skin

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You can worry so much about your skin appearance that you buy hundreds of dollars skincare products to help your skin looks healthy, or having regular treatment in beauty clinic that will cost your fortune just for a facelift. Ladies, it’s not that complicated. Getting your body nourished by consuming essential vitamins that help skin can boost your appearance naturally without having to involve any injection or medication.

One of the best ways to shield and protect your skin from any problem is by getting sufficient nutrition and vitamin intake every day. Eating variety of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, broccoli, strawberries, and lemon can help you get all the nutrition needed by your body. Choose the foods that contain high antioxidant agents and rich in vitamins to improve your skin health and body’s overall health.


Types of Vitamins that Help Skin

Vitamin E

This is the most popular type of vitamin known to have most benefits to your skin. With powerful antioxidant properties, vitamin E is suitable to protect your skin from free radical, sun damage, and absorb the UV rays. If your skin is too much exposed by free radical, your skin will look dull, dry, and emerge age spots, wrinkles, and acne. Vitamin E essential is best to be used as topical medication, although it is also good when consumed as supplement or get it from eggs, nuts, and green veggies.

Vitamin C

Known as powerful anti oxidant source, vitamin C is not only effective in fighting against free radical effects, but also promote collagen production. The reason why vitamin C is often included in most skincare product is that because it emphasize the effectiveness of those topical sunscreen in protecting your kin from damaging UV rays. Not only that, since vitamin C can promote collagen production, it also improves skin elasticity and allows skin tissue repair.

Vitamin A

The next vitamins that help skin is vitamin A, which is very beneficial in treating dry and dull-looking skin. Vitamin A works really well in repairing damaged skin tissues, heal safe treatment for Acne, and important substance when it comes to healing wound or scar. If you spot premature ageing symptoms such as wrinkles, acne, and age spots, dark skin it is better to consume vitamin A from carrot, pumpkins, or green veggies.

Vitamin B Complex

The most beneficial substance in vitamin B is Biotin, a nutrient that helps skin, nails, and hair looks healthy. Vitamin B1 and B3 helps promote smooth circulation and improve oxygen supply to your skin that will make it looks glowing and healthy. Study also finds that vitamin B deficiency can lead to dermatitis and other skin problems.

Vitamin K

You can see a great role of vitamin K as topical medication used to treat various skin conditions. Many beauty creams use vitamin K as their ingredient because it helps to reduce skin irritation and heal bruised skin. Although its role is not as great as the vitamins that help skin above when used internally, but vitamin K can help wounded skin heal faster.


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