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Male Acne vs Female Acne

Male Acne vs Female Acne

Strictly speaking, everyone’s acne is different, however there are some basic differences between male acne and female acne.

One of the reasons is based on hormones. When females have acne, usually they break out around their jaws, mouth and most of the times the breakouts are coincidental with their menstrual cycle. Many times birth control pills are prescribed to alleviate this problem.

Another issue is that the male skin is 25% thicker than female skin, which means men need a set of different products than women to treat their acne. They need products that really penetrate that skin and have a deep effect on acne at the follicle level.

Also it is important to mention that women have a more acidic skin type than men, which translated means that they usually tend to have a drier skin. The skin is more sensitive to some products that are harsher to their skin, while men would react very well to the same products. This also means that women are more susceptible to breakouts and to infections than men, and they need a much gentler approach to their acne treatment.

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No matter how you look at it, women need a different approach to acne treatment than men. Until now, all the products were equal, for men and women, without allowing for these skin differences. No wonder so many treatments were not good! Now, however, there is a new gender specific acne treatment on the market.

If you’ve wondered why your boyfriend, your partner, your family member responds to various acne treatments well, while the same treatments fail miserably with you, now you know the reason.

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