How To Tell The Difference Between Lice And Dandruff ? See The Answer

How To Tell The Difference Between Lice And Dandruff

How To Tell The Difference Between Lice And Dandruff – Head lice and dandruff are two conditions that most often affects the scalp. Both these circumstances often lead to the same complaint, but head lice and dandruff are definitely two different conditions.

The flea is a parasite that is transmitted, while the Dandruff is a condition caused by the scalp itself. You will not be contracting dandruff from others, even though dandruff has a tendency is declining genetically in the family. By knowing the difference between dandruff with fleas then you will be able to provide the right treatment when your scalp is in trouble.

The appearance

Hair lice and dandruff are visible appear as small white particles that exist in the scalp and the hair so that it could be of mutual correspondences. But with the appearance of a more thorough visible difference.

Dandruff is known as seboroika dermatitis is flaking of your scalp. Flakes of Dandruff can look greasy or dry, white or yellowish.

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While ticks can consist of three types:

  1. Eggs
  2. Nymph or young adults from fleas
  3. adult Fleas remain in the form of a minuscule, the size of a sesame seed

The cause

Causes of head lice and dandruff is also very different. Ticks are one type of parasite that quickly spread through direct contact. Hair lice can be transmitted by clothes, bed linen, towels, combs, hair tie.

While dandruff is contagious and is not disease inflammatory conditions of the scalp. Causes of dandruff can range from an assortment of greasy hair, genetic or psoriasis.


Itching is a condition often associated with dandruff and lice. Ticks feed on the blood of humans got so she would remain near the scalp. Saliva from fleas will cause scalp itch. You may also be feeling the sensation of something running on the scalp and around your hair

Dandruff will make your scalp feels itchy when arid scalp conditions. The most noticeable visible difference is dandruff can be easily detached with combed while fleas can cling tightly in the hair shaft.


Treatments for head lice and dandruff shampoo uses the same drug. Shampoo ingredient permethrin has and pyrethrin can be used to eradicate fleas and can also be employed for children aged over two years.

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You can also overcome dandruff using shampoos that are made specifically to slow the flaking of the scalp or to treat fungal infections that can also lead to scalp flaking into splinters. Use shampoo with salicylic acid, selenium sulfide or ketoconazole to control the occurrence of dandruff.


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