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How to remove dandruff by Yoga and Meditation

How to remove dandruff by Yoga and Meditation

Every person might have faced dandruff issue once in their lifetime. Dandruff is actually the dried scalp that develops into small white scales visible on the hair, shoulders or back. You may feel embarrassment if noticed and pointed out by other people. You have to know how to get rid of dandruff so that your hair will appear healthy and silky.

Yoga and Meditation to remove dandruff

According to popular hair specialists and dermatologists, the scalps can dry up because of the excessive stress and anxiety that gives rise to dandruff at times along with that many other causes of dandruff mentioned on this page. When right medications along with best methods of yoga are performed, the stress level too lowers down and thus chances of dandruff growth too cuts down. Distinct kinds of yoga can offer you permanent solution of dandruff cure. Hair loss and other kind of hair related problems can be evaded by practicing specific yoga positions.

Meditating with full focus or executing yoga asanas (positions) can recover blood circulations that will further eliminate many hair problems including dandruff, white hairs, etc .

Paschimottasana Yogasana: It is also known as Uttana- intense stretching. Executing this asana daily will help you gradually to ward off your dandruffs from your scalp and head. In this kind of asana, the posterior position of the complete body is stretched entirely from the head to heels. You have to sit down on the floor with legs stretched straight and palms set by your hips’ sides. You need to deeply inhale. When you exhale, you’ve to bend forward and grasp your toes by parallel hands, and your face should be towards the knees. Continue with few breaths; then inhale and come to your normal sitting pose by releasing your hands.

Chakrasana Asana: Here the body takes the form of circle or semi-circle. You can execute this asana only in the morning or in the afternoon, but not in the evening. So you have to lie down on your back, on the carpet. Stretch your legs and turn backwards fully by applying the force of hands and legs. When you bend your body fully, your palms should completely touch the floor with face looking down too. Breathe in for some time as your body is expanded in an inverted U-shape. For few seconds hold on to this pose and then breathe out as you stand up gradually. This asana will help you lessen the dandruff from your head.

Shirshasana Yoga: This is a great yoga that increases blood circulation towards brain and head; thus nurtures the scalp with essential nutrients which lessens the dandruff. Firstly sit on the ground on knees. Then intertwine your both hands’ fingers and position them in front. Slowly put your head down touching the floor as you steadily lift your two legs together upwards straightly. Your complete body should be full straight. Be in that position for 15-20 seconds as you breathe normally. Then you come down to your normal position by lowering your legs one by one. You should repeat this yoga for 3-4 cycles.

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Surya Namaskara: Surya Namaskar, also known as salutation to the sun, is valuable for dandruff removal. They should be acted upon in the early morning, or at the daybreak, or in the evening time. These forms of yoga are performed with the bending of the body and stretching of legs with generally face upwards.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama:  This type of breathing technique can assist you in diminishing your dandruff from the scalp. Sit straightly on the floor. Then slowly lift your right hand up by pressing your right nostril as you inhale from the left nostril. Then press your left nostril with middle finger, as you leave the right nostril and exhale out air from that side. Repeat this yoga of inhaling and exhaling for 15-20 minutes from alternate nostrils.

Matsyasana Asana: Matsyasana or fish posture can stop the dandruff from growing, and also graying and falling of hair will be prevented. For this yoga you have to lie down on your back side with straightened legs and feet together. Position your hands with palm down under your thighs. You have to press down wards on your elbows; inhale slowly and then arch your back. Bring your head backwards with your head top on the floor, and your weight relaxing on your elbows as you exhale out. You should breathe deeply while your legs and torso should be in resting form. Gradually lift your head to the normal position by releasing your arms. Just do this asana for only a minute or half a minute.

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Well, practice the above yoga and meditation if you want to stay away from the dandruff that may be worrying you for a long time.


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