How to remove Blackheads which is easy to do

How to remove Blackheads which is easy to do

Who wouldn’t want a smooth looking skin free of blackheads? However it is possible that either how many times already do facials, but blackheads never lost. Never experienced it too? How the heck the actual origin of the appearance of blackheads? Blackhead is a blend of oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria lodged in the pores of the skin. Because the skin of the face is often exposed to the Sun or quite often the activity outdoors, then long looks blackened. When it’s put it this way, what should you do? First thing first, not to be mistaken with the first treatment that you have to do to get rid of blackheads, does not mean you should scrub blackheads with facial products on an ongoing basis that can make the pores of the face of the increasingly broad making it easier for dirt stuck to your face and skin so irritable. Try to watch the tips below to find out how to eliminate blackheads potent which are certainly not difficult to You it should.


For those of you who are vulnerable beckoned, wash face thoroughly s mandatory law. Sometimes cleaning the face using fingers alone is not enough. This is, fortunately, s there are tools like brush specially designed for the deep cleansing facial, the Fund can clear the pores. No, after clean faces, exfoliation is also important if done to ensure menu clean pores and no more dead skin cells that accumulate. Regular exfoliation but are not necessarily performed daily. Make sure you don’t do it excessively; 1-2 times a week only s enough. Most of the easy way: try exfoliation using chemical exfoliator contains sour particular acupuncture or BHA that usually lives poured into cotton and is used to define the surface of the skin of the face.


The pore can become larger when the skin is getting oily or sticky. When you are finished cleaning the face toner, exfoliate and also has a vital role in restoring the skin’s moisture, keeping the pH of the skin, and soothe the back pore. Use cotton and pour the product, then Pat-Pat gently on the entire surface of your face.


Treatment to reduce blackheads should not be expensive as using sophisticated technology that might cost a lot. You can begin to utilize natural ingredients around like a powdery baking soda in which you can find in your kitchen. Why does baking soda? Baking soda is believed to contain a pH equivalent to face so that it can minimize the production of excess oil which can cause blackheads. Baking soda is also made from natural ingredients without any chemical which is certainly safe for your skin.


Materials and tools required:

  • Two spoons of baking soda to taste, water, small bowl, and spoon.
  • Two tablespoons baking soda
  • Water sparingly
  • Small container
  • Spoon

How to make:

Mix the two ingredients in a small bowl and then stir it evenly until the mixture forms like a pasta

How to use:

Make sure you clean your face before, apply evenly on face area in need then let 10-15 minutes until it dries. After that, flush with warm water to remove the rest of the mask and pat dry with a clean towel. Of course, you can do this process at least 1-2 times a week on a regular basis.

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