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How To Get Rid Acne With Exercise

How To Get Rid Acne With Exercise

In this article you will learn how exercise and acne are correlated to each other. Some people consider that exercise induces acne while some consider that exercise reduces acne and upcoming risk of its outbreak. However, it has been proved that exercise is beneficial for persons with acne.

A recent study was conducted on 29 males divided into three equal groups. One group regularly exercises, one group never exercises and one group exercises irregularly. The study revealed that the first group who exercised regularly did not develop acne while other two groups developed it.

So, it is evident that exercise reduces acne but do you know how it reduces acne and what changes occur in your body to help reduce acne. Now you will learn how these changes occur.

Exercise influences on:

Cardiovascular System:

The term refers the net of arteries, veins and minute capillaries penetrated into the dermis of your skin. Exercise helps regulate the continuous and uninterrupted blood flow across your body. Regular exercise ensures good supply of blood into the dermis and walls of hair follicles.

Lungs and Oxygen:

Regular exercise increases your lung capacity to inhale more oxygen than normal. Do you know only 16 percent of oxygen is absorbed by your lungs in a single inhalation. Regularly exercise greatly increases the percentage of oxygen absorption, and when it reaches to the skin cells, it nourishes them thoroughly. Each cell uses oxygen to build ADP triphosphat molecule that provides energy for overall functionality of cells itself and the whole body.

Balances the hormones:

Hormones play a vital role in your body. What are hormones and why they are needed in your body? Good question! You know your body has several organs that need to be interconnected to each other. One medium for interconnection is the nervous system consisting of your brain, spinal cord and tiny nerves. Another medium of interconnection is hormones. What is the difference between the two? Although nervous system is exceptionally fast medium of communication between organs, a medium is still needed that interconnects your organs depending on the rapidly fluctuating requirement of your body. The secretion of all hormones is controlled by pituitary gland in your brain.

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So, hormones also regulate your body temperature and different other aspects of your bodily functions. When you exercise, they trigger the sweat glands to produce sweat to keep body temperature at optimum level. The more your sweat, the lower risk of getting acne as sweat opens the clogged pores and hair follicles.

Exercise and relaxation:

As we mentioned above that hormones interconnect all organs in your body, daily exercise regulates certain types of hormones responsible for mood. Some hormones induce you to laugh while some hormones induce you to weep. As stress is one of the major precursors of acne, exercise reduces the risk of aggravation of acne.


Do exercise regularly and notice that in a few weeks, blackheads and whiteheads on your skin are gradually disappearing and skin looks supple.

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