Warning: How Not To Lighten Your Skin With Steroids

More Reasons To Pamper Your Skin

Read This Before Using Steroids To Lighten Your Skin

Especially at the beginning of your journey to lighter and evenly toned skin, give your body what it needs to lighten your skin naturally. This includes a protocol that will naturally inhibit the production of Melanin. If you are interested in beautiful skin, the use of steroids is very unlikely to help you. Here’s why:

  • Steroids work through starving the skin for circulation… the results can be horrific.
  • Steroids leave your skin in a pale, thin, and weakened condition.
  • Steroids can lighten “normal” skin, which then make any dark patches seem worse.
  • Initial results may seem encouraging, giving a false sense that prceeding is appropriate.
  • Symptoms vary from person to person, so finding the problem can be delayed or missed.
  • After discontinuing use of steroids to lighten your skin, hyperpigmentation can return “with a vengeance”.
  • Side effects include severe itching and patches of unevenly toned skin.

The result of using steroids to whiten your skin is not a healthy glow, but a pale, thin skin that looks unattractive and is vulnerable to injury. The following are summary statements from someone attempting to lighten their skin with steroids. At the time of publication, the damage appears to be permanent.

“These bumps will not go away. I wish I had never used this product. I cannot look at myself in the mirror without crying, and my eyes and mouth are inflamed. Makeup is not thick enough to cover this. It feels like my skin is beyond repair, and I don’t see how I can go on…”

More Reasons To Pamper Your Skin

Surveys have shown that people will do A LOT to have skin that looks and feels good. It’s not all vanity. I’ts survival. If you are reading this, you are probably in touch with that. For some people it is a “gut feeling”, and some people have had experiences in dating or career that directly confirm the importance of how we look and feel about ourselves.

Here is an example from nature about the importance of “looks”. When male Peacocks have only one inch of their feathers trimmed, their chances of mating drops by…A LOT. Something like 30%. Yikes! And what do they do after mating season? They drop the feathers until next season…

Here’s another example: A group of bodybuilders was interviewed, and a large percentage of them said they WOULD take the option of an early death (through steroid use) if they knew for sure it meant they would become a world class champion in bodybuilding.

Those examples are just to let you know we understand SOME of what you are going through. At the same time, it’s good to know the true risks for some methods of skin lightening and whitening. Please keep reading. If you are trying to lighten your skin, the information below may crucial.

Mixing Products Together to Lighten Your Skin

The dangers of mixing applies to both “over the counter” and prescription formulas. Even though ingredients may be “safe” or “generally recongnized as safe” in a legal sense, the effects of mixing them together leads to complex chemical interactions. The number of products available makes the study of each combination difficult. In addition, long term studies are not always available for innovative products.

If you have been interested in how to lighten your skin for a while, you may be familiar with Hydroquinone. It is a potent skin whitener, but be aware that when mixed with certain other formulas, Hydroquinone use can actually worsen dark areas of skin- and the darker the original skin, the more prone it is to getting worse. The resulting condition is known as Ochronosis- a bluish black hyperpigmentation disorder. All the data is not in, but apparently some people may develope the condition without mixing Hydroquinone with other formulas. Another variable is that Hydroquinone is most often mixed with other chemicals to enhance its absorption. This can lead to unknown safety factors with untested formulas.

“Getting Hydroquinone in the eye can cause permanent corneal damage. As of last year Hydroquinone was banned in Japan and much of Europe.”

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