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How Fast Do Lice Reproduce ?

How Fast Do Lice Reproduce ?

Ooh. Very, really, fast. These eggs hatch about seven days after giving birth to a new house. The empty eggshells behind are called nits. After ten days, the nymphs, therefore, are able to breed and get to the mature stage.

Head lice or Lice Hair is a type of insect Parasites that live in the human head. Including a parasite because it lives by way of sucking new blood person who is still alive. Head lice attack people with nesting in the hair

Head lice suck blood for up to 2-3 times a day. According to the researchers, the head lice will die in an environment that is too cold or too hot. It requires warm conditions to survive. No wonder the country with a tropical climate became a haven for these parasites of animals.


Head lice have the form of a minuscule just like sesame seeds, which is about 1.5 to 3 millimeters. Head lice the female is larger than the male head lice. Bright colors brown dominate the body of head lice. The abdomen consists of 7 segments, have a mouth that served as tools for piercing and sucking of blood on the skin. Have six pieces that fused legs in the chest accompanied claws for holding onto the hair. Head lice life span is 6 to 8 weeks, after which head lice will die by itself.


How head lice to germinate.

Adult Head lice will do the mating activity or population at night and during the day. A few days after sexual intercourse, the female will then Head Lice lay eggs. So, head lice proliferate using putting or Oviparous.

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Female head lice will be able to spawn six pieces in a day. These eggs are always attached to the hair on the human head. Eggs are usually laid on 1 cm from the surface of the scalp. To attach any eggs on the hair, adult female secretes a type of glue from the glue; the reproductive organs quickly hardened into a “Holster Nit” that includes the hair shaft and the entire egg. Eggs will hatch after approximately eight days.


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