How Fast Do Lice Grow Off The Human Host?

How Fast Do Lice Grow

How Fast Do Lice Grow – Maybe it’s not a time or can be said to be rarely anyone in urban problems with head lice in her hair. However, that does not mean it does not exist, is not it?

Head lice Pediculus humanus capital or hair is indeed something very annoying because it can make itchy and annoying as hell. Many ways someone, when found in his hair, has become a ‘ home ‘ for the lice to hair, ranging from using traditional medicines, using chemicals to bald with her hair.

To that end, before doing prevention, it’s good for you to know the facts and all the hair lice related information.

1. hair Lice always attack and spread when the spring and summer. When it warms up or heat temperature of about, then that’s when the hair lice will be expanding and reproducing. Their preferred temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius.

2. hair Fleas have the ability spread very fast stinking fleas as well as hiding in the fabric fibers. In addition to being able to spread quickly, the hair lice can also ‘ doubling ‘ aka reproducing itself in a short time.

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3. you need to know that, in the age of hair lice are extremely short, i.e., only 3-4 weeks, which is divided into three phases, namely, egg phase phase phase of mature adults and reproduce.

4. The average egg from the hair lice will be affixed to the bottom or the root of the hair. The eggs have the size of about 1 mm and each hair lice females capable of laying around 24-48 hours after conception by the males. Hair lice in a day, the female can lay a 2, 4 to 5 times and the total was about 70 eggs a week.

5. After the eggs hatch, who came out of the egg will be larva in a minuscule size. After that, the larvae will acquire food by way of sucking blood through a small hole on the part of a person’s head.

6. hair Lice can ‘ invade ‘ and in others through the hair comb or anything used in the head, such as hats and the like. Hair lice cannot fly or jump like insects in General. Once in a person’s head, then quickly receptors in the body will adjust the color of his body with the skin color of the chairman of the person concerned for making it easy to hide.

7. hair Lice only live and spread in human hair only and can not be transmitted or live in the fur of animals.

8. The first symptoms if you got a hair louse is an emergence of itching on the head, particularly in the neck and behind the ears. This is a natural reaction of the body to the saliva secreted by the lice.

There is not a very efficient prevention efforts for this hair lice. If storms have hit you, so the effort required is killed and shut down its production of space and motion space by way of hair care correctly.

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