Home Treatment Freckle with Onion

Home Treatment Freckle with Onion

If you feel very disturbing about dark spot or freckle this article may be useful. Sometimes, choose a good solution for prevent this damage can be very tiring. Many products are offered to make us better but they don’t always working even make a new problem for face.

Have you ever think that the problem solving is in your kitchen? Yes, you can use strong smelly ingredients like onion to treatment freckle. Onion is rich with acid which is useful to get rid of dark spot.

Why we get freckle?

Dark spots may appear because too much exposion to the sunlight. Some imbalance in the hormonal levels can also make them happend. Usually, using certain cosmetics is become another reason. Many woman think that get tanning will end this problem because it can cover skin. In fact, tanning of skin will make it worse.

Home treatment with onion

Onion, especially red onion can do amazing to solve this problem. Take some cloves of red onion and grind them into a paste. Take a small piece of cotton and dip it into the juice. Stick it on face where freckle is. Let the cotton on your face for 10 or 15 minutes. Then wash it with hot water.

You may use face cleanser to remove strong aroma from your face. Repeat this home treatment every morning for a 3 weeks to get best result.

Not everyone like the fragrance of onion. Moreover, onion will leave hot sensation on skin and make eyes in tears. So, you can use another ingredients like aloe vera to remove freckle and get flawless face. Just take one or two aloe vera leaves and peel the skin. Use the gel to face and leave it for a 30 minutes. Wash and dry your face from gel.


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