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Home Remedies for Feet Spa

Home Remedies for Feet Spa

After spending in walking or standing our feet get tired and pained. An feet hot tub may be quite definitely soothing treatment to remove tiresome of feet and having softer skin of feet and wonderful. Following are few home treatments for feet hot tub.

Feet Hot Tub Treatments

  • Epsom salt and warm water may be joined to create an excellent foot. Keep massaging and rubbing your feet making use of your fingertips. This is quite soothing for the feet. Carrying this out treatment on a daily basis can allow you to have relaxed and wonderful feet.
  • Apple cider foot soak and water is just another great treatment as foot hot tub. Simply add considerable quantity of apple cider vinegar to hot water and blend well. Soak your feet. Rinse with fresh water and apply body lotion and great hand for damp of feet.

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