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Frequent Hair Washing: Good or Bad For Dandruff ?

Frequent Hair Washing: Good or Bad For Dandruff ?

In view of all these hair products available today in the market, more consumers are getting enticed with all the guarantees the products have to offer. In line with that, some people even use as much as they can, just to achieve a beautiful sleek mane, as offered and promised by such products. The question would be, do these products really cater to the needs of the consumers? Indeed, using too much of a product may or may not help in a certain situation.

hair washDandruff is one of the most common problems facing the youth or even adults today. Also known as seborrheic dermatitis, it is the condition in which the skin’s epidermal layer sheds off dead skin cells at a faster pace compared to the normal.

Although it is normal for the skin to shed off dead skin cells, people with dandruff often observe scaly, yellowish-white flakes due to the rapid shedding. It is also characterized by an inflammation of the scalp and burning itch. It is cause by yeast or fungus infection, or excessive secretion of sebum, or oil. While it is not very harmful, its repercussions can lead to some complications, especially when left untreated. However, some people resort to self-medication and one of which is by frequent hair washing.

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There are a lot of various anti-dandruff products that are available, especially shampoos. Ketoconazole, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur are among the most common active ingredients that can be seen on hair products which ward off dandruff.

However, the necessary medication for people suffering with dandruff may differ according to the severity of the problem. Using over the counter products might not be appropriate for a specific condition. Also, some people think that the more you wash your hair with these products, the more one can be relieved from dandruff. Although good hygiene is essential to lessen dandruff occurrence, one must not overdo it.

It is important to get rid of the dirt accumulating from our day to day activities but too much shampooing can dry the hair. Regular usage of such products is recommended but it is important to use them at an appropriate frequency, depending on your condition. It is best to seek help from experts because they can provide advice on the proper product to be used.

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It is also worth noting that dandruff can be diminished not just by shampooing but also by having a balanced diet, healthy living and good hygiene. As some specialists suggest, dandruff may also be associated with stress, fatigue and too much sweating. Hence, it is commended to refrain from staying under the sun for a long time, and indulging in too much stress especially from work. Prevention is still best, so that further complications can be alleviated.


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