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Effectively Controlling Acne Breakouts

Effectively Controlling Acne Breakouts

Using Effective Acne Control Before Outbreaks

Depending on activities and lifestyle, failure to promote acne control can end up with more outbreaks than necessary. Those who suffer from acne, other than the occasional blemish need to take the appropriate steps to insure they do not suffer needlessly or have a break out at an inopportune time, such as when they plan to the visit the local beach. Additionally, contrary to popular believe, spending a lot of time in the hot sun, hoping to dry out the skin, is not an effective acne control measure.

Those who suffer from frequent acne outbreaks first need to consider what is causing them to have the problem. Many used to blame their eating habits for bad skin but most doctors shun that notion and put the blame on not using proper acne control such as keeping the areas prone to acne clean. By clean, they do not necessarily mean washing with only soap and water at least twice a day, as that may not provide effective acne control.

Essentially, acne develops when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, which combines with dead skin cells on the body, blocking pores . Another way that can help get rid adult acne As part of an active acne control plan, insuring there are few dead cells with which the sebum combines can help prevent the outbreaks. There is little a person can do to slow down the sebum production, which is nature’s way of providing a natural moisturizer to the skin.

Abrasive Scrubbing May Exacerbate The Problem

Some folks believe that be using an abrasive washcloth when they bathe or shower will remove all of the dead skin cells, but they may also be spreading the bacteria in the blemishes around. Good acne control cites the need to remove the dead cells, but understand that acne blemishes contain bacteria and scraping the blemishes may seem like a good idea, not only will the bacteria be unleashed on other areas of the skin, but also it could result in scarring.

a good treatment for adult acne is Practicing good nutrition, exfoliating the skin to remove excess dead cells and washing areas prone to acne are some of the better acne control measures usually cited. For severe outbreaks, benzoyl peroxide, available in stronger concentrations in an acne cream, is often recommended by dermatologists. Some acne may form in hard to reach places, and scrub brushes with long handles are available to use in the tub or shower. Always remember, what ever is used to clean acne prone areas should be well cleaned and dried between uses.


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