Don’t Use Skin Lightening Cream Products That Have Mercury In Them

Don’t Use Skin Lightening Cream Products That Have Mercury In Them

There has been increase interest on the subject of skin lightening, also known as skin bleaching or skin whitening.

However, this is a huge phenomenon that seems to be increasing each year with people in places like China, Japan, India, the Middle East etc. And definitely in places consider with a lot of poverty like places in Africa, Jamaica, and Hati.

There are the many people who may have skin, dermatology, and complexion issues like severe acne scarring, blotchiness, uneven patches, etc. They may be simply seeking to get one even skin tone all over. There are those that many feel are skin bleaching for all the wrong reasons and simply want to have a lighter, closer to whiter, skin color due to the world in which we live in.

Regardless of the reasons, it is clear that people are doing it.

These skin bleaching cream, lotions, or pills are easily available over the internet without any kind of regulation, or education. The problem is that many of these products can contain potentially dangerous chemicals that can permanently damage the skin.

One of the varieties of dangerous things that can be found in some skin bleaching products is Mercury.

Mercury poisoning is cause by over exposure to this metal element. It is not uncommon to hear about it as a result of bad dental fillings, or someone breaking open a thermometer, thermostats, or batteries, that are made with the substance inside. Paint use to commonly contain mercury. It has been found in some kinds of fish due to water pollution, etc. But people may be intentionally, unknowingly, and repeatedly, slathering all over themselves by using some of these skin lightening products.

Mercury is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. If place under a black light then the vapors can be seen emitting from it.

The problems associated with Mercury poisoning are many because they are systemic. That means it does not just affect one part of the body, but can interfere with many of your body’s normal functions that we all take for granted and do not think too much about unless there is some kind of problem like breathing, vision, walking, etc.

Effects Of Mercury Poisoning
With Skin Lightening Products

  • Digestive tract problems
    Cramps, inflamed colon, Diarrhea
  • Psychological disturbances
    Unusually quick to anger, short term memory loss, self esteem issues, inability to sleep, difficulty in learning new things.
  • Respiratory problems
    Problems with breathing, Emphysema, Coughing persistently.
  • Cardiovascular problems
    Weak pulse, blood pressure changes, chest pressure, chest pain.
  • Neurological Problems
    Headaches, vertigo, ringing in the ears, body shaking.

One of the basic common, and some would call the first classic, signs of mercury poisoning is loss of hair and discolored fingernails.

Skin bleaching is definitely something that you need to educate yourself about before attempting to do it. Many skin lightening products on the market, or sold illegally, contain chemicals which can cause damage to your skin.

Why risk any of this? It is why so many people all over the world are looking for solutions on how to lighten skin naturally. Why risk potential damage when you can learn to lighten skin naturally?

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