Does Wearing a Hat Worsen Dandruff ?

Does Wearing a Hat Worsen Dandruff ?

There is a kind of dandruff that normally occurs during the winter season and it’s what people call as winter dandruff.  The skin renewal process speeds up during this time of the season making your dandruff condition worse than before. Other than causing itchiness from the scalp, it also produces clumps of visible flakes that could really cause embarrassment. Dandruff gets worse during the winter season simply because the tiny fungus called Malassezia that thrives in a person’s scalp, loves the winter season and hates the dry season.

hats and dandruffDoes wearing a hat during the winter season worsen dandruff?

Wearing a hat and dandruff is somewhat related to each other. Some people are still second-guessing whether or not wearing a hat doubles the skin renewal process of a person’s scalp. Wonder no more people because wearing a hat does worsen your dandruff especially during the winter season. Remember the fungus called Malassezia? This fungus’ ideal environment is areas where it’s protected from the sunlight. Moreover, the head-covering that prevents the evaporation of your sweat yields the growth of the fungus causing dandruff to get worse. Lastly, wearing a hat hinders the circulation of air from flowing freely around your scalp causing it to build up too much oil that worsens your dandruff.

How can you treat your dandruff naturally?

Well, no one wants to have their head inhabited by embarrassing visible flakes so worry no more because there are natural remedies you can try to treat your dandruff. The very first remedy is to avoid wearing hats that prevent proper ventilation around your head just like a straw hat or a mesh.

Second natural remedy is by wetting your hair and scalp and rubbing warm oil into it. Then cover your head by using a hot damp towel and give time for the steam to circulate around your head. Follow this remedy every week and use a kind of oil that doesn’t have additional ingredients such as coconut, olive, or almond. The downside to this remedy is it will cause your hair to be heavy and oily. Using lemon juice will do the trick in getting rid of the oil.

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The third remedy is the use of an apple cider vinegar. It’s considered to be one of the easiest and cheapest natural treatments for dandruff. Just simply make an apple cider vinegar and water mixture with equal parts and apply it on your scalp. This will heal and soothe the skin. You may do this step after shampooing for additional help.

Don’t confine yourself with this remedy because there are a lot of available treatments online that you can try. Another reason for you to keep researching is that some people don’t react well to natural treatments; a medication prescribed by your doctor might be necessary.

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