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Different Workouts for Abs

Different Workouts for Abs

There are numerous workouts for abs, but it is very difficult to determine which will work the best and which one is a sheer wastage of time. If you are searching for a workout that keeps you relaxed and comfortable, you may want to try doing some oblique exercises. An oblique exercise supports your back and spine as well as maintains your strength in the right form. 4 oblique exercises that are not quite much known by many people are listed below:

  1. Sideways Ball Sit Ups: Purchase an exercise ball for yourself. These balls are great for oblique exercises. Start by hooking up your legs on a wall. Place your body on the right side of the ball with your back nicely and straightly placed and your hands at the back of your head. Push yourself in an upward movement and hold the moment for 1 -2 seconds. Slowly place your body in the previous situation and repeat these workouts for abs 25 times from either side. Remember that your abs should be tightened up during the whole process of abs burning workout.
  2. Oblique Double Crunch: Lay straight on the floor and stretch your legs at an angle of 30 degrees. While making sure your palms face down, place your right hand straight and flat on the ground, and the left one under your head. Crunch your legs and elbows simultaneously keeping your thighs stretched and legs straight. Make sure your muscles are tight during the entire workouts for abs and your chin should not touch your chest. Lower down your body until your feet are touched to the ground level and then release. Repeat the process for 25 times from both the sides.
  3. Side Bridge: Another abs workouts is the side bridge. Place yourself in a pushup position making your back as straight as possible. Pressurize your elbows by lowering yourself onto them. Lift your left hand straight onto the upward direction and place your one feet on the top of the other. Push up your left hip upwards by keeping your back straight. Hold in this position for a minute and repeat on the other side. This abs burning workouts is very effective in building your body in the most appropriate manner.
  4. Reverse Trunk Twist: Place a soft pillow beneath your head and lay on the ground, facing upwards and knees bent inwards. Lean your knees at a 45 degrees angle to your right so that your left hip will be above the ground level. Slowly move your knees first towards your head lifting your back from the ground and then raise it towards the sky making it bent at a 90 degree angle for the whole time. Repeat this for 25 times on both sides.

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These oblique workouts for abs coupled with a well balanced diet are quite effective and will definitely help you in making a six-pack body.

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