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Diet and Dandruff Relation

Diet and Dandruff Relation

Have you ever wondered if diet and dandruff has anything to do with each other? Professionals in the medical world believe that it might be but the facts that will support their theory are yet to be discovered. However, some experts say that religiously following a well-managed diet can make a difference if not entirely eliminate the condition. If you’re planning to make a 360 degree turn in your diet then it is best to consult your nutritionist to tell you exactly what food should be or should not be included on your diet.

However, there are basic steps you can take to kick-off your dandruff diet. First step is to limit your sugar. A lot of Americans consume too much sugar. To decrease the amount of your sugar consumption can diminish the visible flakes appearing on your head and shoulders. Moreover, keep yourself away from other types of food that may lead to a spike in your hormones causing a greater production of oil. Restrict yourself from taking fried, fatty, and processed foods, gluten and refined sugar. Experts are still studying whether or not this step completely eliminates a dandruff condition but it’s certainly good for your over-all health.

You may have heard of this a lot of times from a lot of people. Eat more fruits and vegetables. It is a common knowledge that these types of foods contain the necessary fiber and nutrition the body needs in order to function well. A lot of you may also know that a poor diet may lead to a poor digestion. A poor digestion could branch out to other problems including skin problems just like dandruff. So eat more fruits and vegetables to promote a better food digestion. Just a quick fact, especially for those who are wondering which one is better for the body, raw vegetables or cooked vegetables. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, cooking vegetables is better than eating them raw. This is because when the vegetables are cooked, non-essential and essential nutrients are brought out for your body to absorb them better.

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You may have also heard of the yeast called Mallassezia that lives in a person’s scalp and you’re probably wondering whether or not eating yeast-rich food might help the production of dandruff. Some experts believe that yeast rich foods such as bread, wine, and beer promote the growth of fungus so they suggest minimizing on the number of yeast-containing foods you take.

Include foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids and omegar-3 in your diet. These are not yet proven to directly stop dandruff but these essential fatty acids are known to improve the health of a person’s skin and hair. These are just basic but surely helpful tips on the changes you can make on your diet. These suggestions are not just aimed to lessen your dandruff but to also promote better health for your body.

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