Dealing With Acne Will Depend On The Cause

Dealing With Acne Will Depend On The Cause

There are a variety of reasons that people suffer from skin acne, and there are many ways they can help avoid having outbreaks. Despite what parents and grandparents may have said while the kids were growing up, there is no evidence that eating that second candy bar or a few slices of pizza will cause skin acne to become worse. It is well documented that most young people going through puberty suffer from acne due to hormonal changes, but there are still many question as to why some have it worse than others.

Considering the causes of acne, taking proper care of the skin is the best way to avoid outbreaks of skin acne. Making sure the pores are kept clean and any excess dead skin cells are removed will also help prevent skin acne. The problem is that the sebaceous glands, located under the skin, send sebum to the surface to help keep the skin moisturized. It does so through the same pores in the skin as the hair grows and if the pore becomes blocked by a combination of dead skin and excess sebum, the result is acne.

Keeping Skin Clean May Not Be Enough

Many parents had also told their kids that washing their face twice a day helps keep the skin acne away, but in many instances, simply washing the face with soap and water is not enough. The dead skin cells will still exist, especially for those who use a soft washcloth or no washcloth when soaping up their face, neck and other areas of their body. To prevent adult acne from popping up, the dead skin cells must be removed before they become a problem.

Those who have a penchant for suffering outbreaks of skin acne should also consider using oil-free cosmetics. Since acne is caused by blocked pores, adding oils to the mix can exacerbate the problem. Some methods of acne control involve using an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, not just a rough cloth that can tear open existing blemishes, leaving red, irritated skin and possibly spreading the bacteria that was growing inside the skin acne pustules.

One of the best treatments for skin acne is a combination of benzoyl peroxide used twice a day on affected areas as well as exfoliating the skin and using an oil-free moisturizer to prevent dry skin or irritation on the local site. Even with proper skin care, it may not be possible to totally eliminate acne outbreaks but it can help reduce the severity.


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