The Danger Of Whitening Cream Containing Mercury

The Danger Of Whitening Cream Containing Mercury

         Over-the counter whitening cream you find today might not be as appealing as you thought. It might promise you fast result to enlight your skin. However, you must know the truth of the danger of whitening cream containing mercury. Mercury has been banned by the FDA but still, lots of unresponsible cosmetics makers use it to give fast result to whiten skin. Hence, you must be more aware of the danger. Here are what you need to know about it:

  • Permanent skin damage

    With unclear instruction and ingredients, the cream has effect to bleach your skin in most dangerous way. It peels off your skin without giving enough nutrients for renewing new skin cells. As the result, it only damages your skin permanently.

  • Irritation

    Skin bleaching with steroid-it’s NOT worth it. You will feel burning, stinging, and itching sensation which are the signs of heavy irritation. It leads to permanent blemish, thinner skin, and it also damages the nerves of your skin. It can turn your skin to have hyper-pigmentation, acnes, and freckles.

  • Leading to Skin Cancer

    Characteristics of dangerous whitening cream are containing harmful materials such as mercury, hydroquinon and steroids. Those will lead to skin cancer and other types of cancer. Mercury can be absorbed to the blood and it will become toxic for the body leading to several dangerous diseases.

         The side-effect of mercury containing cream will be visible in two to ten years later. Hence, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You need to avoid any whitening cream which contains harmful materials. Don’t get swayed easily by products offered by random distributor. If you are now using whitening cream which you suspect it’s harmful, then you must talk to doctor soon. Your awareness of the danger of whitening cream containing mercury will prevent you for having permanent skin damage.


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