Characteristics Of Dangerous Whitening Cream

Characteristics Of Dangerous Whitening Cream

         Lots of women are obsessed for having white and flawless skin. However, you must be careful to not use whitening cream randomly. There are characteristics of dangerous whitening cream you should be aware of. You must have heard about dangerous contents in whitening cream. It has bleaching effects which can lead to harmful side effect for health.

         If you look for skin whitener or brightening cream, find the one which made out of natural or organic materials. Here are characteristics you can find in harmful whitening cream:

  • Contain steroid and mercury

    Don’t use steroids for skin
    . Steroid is used to reduce inflammation which is sometimes caused by skin peeling or acne treatment. The side effects are thinner skin, visible veins on face, and induced-rosacea. Mercury has been banned by FDA so it’s strongly rejected to use for skin treatment because it’s not supposed to be used for human. It can lead to permanent damage to the skin.
  • StinkThe aroma of harmful whitening cream is stink and awful. Hence, it’s easy for you to recognize whether or not the cream is harmful by smelling the aroma.
  • Fast effectHarmful cream will give you rapid effect in whitening your face. You must not be happy about that because it’s the sign that the cream should be avoided.

         If you want to make your face look brighter, you may consider the benefits of milk to brighten skin. Lactic acid contained in the milk is able to naturally lighten your skin. You just need to apply pure and fresh milk with gentle massage then leave it overnight. Do this treatment twice a week then you will see the difference of your skin tone which look brighter and healthier. Hope that the information about characteristics of dangerous whitening cream will make you more aware to not use random products.


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