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Top 3 Causes Of Dry Skin You Should Know This

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We know that there are many types of skin; dry, oily, sensitive, and combination. People can get dry skin due to various reasons, mostly because the skin loses too much water or oil used to moisturize its surface. Dry skin symptoms are quite similar with those dehydrated skin, but the effects ate temporary. But who get dry skin?Technically, anyone can. There are those people who feel afraid of making their skin too oily and looks unattractive so they use various skin products to eliminate the oil but the result, their skin get too dry; it is important to keep some oils of your skin to make it looks smooth. Dry skin may be a lifelong condition, but in most cases, it’s only temporary and treatable using topical medications.

Symptoms of Dry Skin

People with dry skin may experience similar symptoms and signs, but it could be different, depending on the age, health, and lifestyle. Dry skin can also occur anywhere in your body; not only the face, but also legs, arms, and the back.People with dry skin often experience feeling of tightness in certain area or all of the body after showering or cleaning the face. The skin will have dull, rough, and flaky appearance that often followed by scalping, peeling, and itching. In more severe cases, people with dry skin may also experience irritation that causes the cracks to bleed. morever dry skin can also cause of acne and acne scars 

After you know the signs and symptoms, you will love to avoid certain things that cause dry skin. But before you can do that, you need to know what causes dry skin to be able to prevent and cure it when it emerges.

Below are the top 3 Causes of dry skin.Cold Weather

  1.  Cold Weather

    During the winter, the air is relatively cold and draws all the moisture out of your skin, potentially causing dry skin. The humidity level during cold weather or winter also drops, so you will need extra effort to keep your skin moisturized, protecting the sensitive parts including lips, heels, and face. This condition can also appear when you are exposed to the air conditioner too long, causing your skin turns dry and flaky.

  2.  Long Bath

    The next thing in the list of what causes dry skin is submerging your body in a long, hot bath. I know it feels really good and relaxing, but taking too long shower may dry your skin, removing the natural oils quickly. Choose warm over hot water, and shower over bath; frequent swimming in chlorinated pools can also dried out your skin.

  3.  Sun Exposure

    Getting yourself too much exposed by the ultraviolet ray during the day can dehydrate your skin, resulted in dull, ugly-looking, dry skin and causing wrinkles. The best thing to do is using sun protection when you are about to go out.Categories: Skin Health – Tags: dry face, dry legs, skin conditions


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