Can Black People Get Lice? Let’s See the Answer!

Can Black People Get Lice?

Head lice are very disturbing problems that may cause to serious itching and embarrassment for kids and adults. These parasites are tiny insects who eat humam blood to survive. They need to be warm to keep alive. Head lice breed by laying nits (lice eggs) close to scalp. So, it is not easy to remove the nits.

What to Know About Lice

Before we load more about question “Can Black People Get Lice?” let’s see what should we know about these parasite;

  • Lice are tiny, wingless, brown bugs which live in scalp.
  • They will thrive in any-bodies hair (head, body, and pubic) either young and old, short and long hair.
  • Lice crawl from head to head (head lice) and very busy bitting skin to feed.
  • They hug on hair sheet and look for opportunity to move from one person to another.
  • Close contact will make them infest easily.
  • When they feed on our blood, we will feel itchy and stratch again and again.
  • Lice eggs are called nits.
  • Nits have a very strong sticky substance to make sure they are safe.
  • A female lice will lay about 10 eggs a day.
  • A young lice shed their skin three times.
  • Constant itching and scratching is the alert that we get lice.
  • The cycle must be stop so they can’t reproduce.
  • All oily product such as olive oil, mayonnaise, coconut oil, and so on can block the air and suffocate and make them die.
  • The strong fragrance of garlic also can kill them effectively.
  • People need a ‘nit comb’ to take the nits easily because there is a substance like the glue to hold them in place.
  • A further help is needed if all home effort to get rid of lice failed.
  • A preventive action like no sharing cloth or personal items is another way to get rid of these little enemies.
  • When we caught head lice they can be removed easily and with vigorous controlling like hair tied back, comb hair with nit-comb every night,
  • If these annoying army are stubborn enough, you may see a doctor before everything is worst.
  • An adult lice will die after 3 days without meal (blood).

Lice and Dirt

It is not true that lice has a relationship with dirty hair and human who have poor personal hygiene. They are not belonging where they live. All they need is a warm head of hair and a scalp.

Even you have clean head, you still can be infected by head lice just because sharing personal items with somebody who get lice. Remember that lice can reproduce so quickly. So if you are late of doing the treatment, you have new partners on your head.

The questions of “do black people get lice? or “can black people get lice?” are quite interesting. For some people, these questions are a little bit rasict. But it is not. This article is not discussing about racism. We just share what people want to know. These questions are common in some countries of Europe and America. It can being understanding cause of Caucasian people is most widely of the population. According to a study in 1985, just 0.3 percent of black kids get lice. It is less than Caucasian Kids who get 10.4 percent. So, lice on black people is less than lighter skin kids. This study was done again and got the similar result.

How do people get lice?

The next question is how do people get lice? Direct or indirect contact are possibily ways to get lice. Head lice don’t have wings, so, they can not fly. They just can move from one person to other person by sharing clothes, comb, towel and other personal things. Head contact is the most common cause of head lice.

Everyone can get lice. So, if you want to know do black people get lice? The answer is yes, they do. No hair is immune of head lice. No matter that african american kids have coarse hair, they can get lice. Though they few in number, it doesn’t mean that black people can’t get head lice.

Why do black people get head lice less often than the white?


Why do black people get head lice less often than the white

There are some reasons why that happend, but no one really explaine why african american people tend getting head lice less often than white people. Many people believe that the type of their hair is the cause. Some studies have revealed that black people in country such as Canada, the United Kingdom and North America who have a type of hair that is look like the black people, but is not similar with the whites. The fact is head lice prefer live in white people’s hair more than of black people.

Head lice can only crawl with using their six legs with claws on each of them. These claws are designed to cling to round type hair and they are difficult clinging to and crawling in oval type hair.

Caucasian people have a rounded hair type. It is different from African American people who have an oval hair type. May be you think that it does not make a sense, but for lice? It does! The head lice foot are designed for fitting around in the rounded profile, while the oval-profile hair may keep them of creeping effectively. The lice will die if they can not move just like they want. That’s way they almost cannot survive in coarse hair.

Head Lice Treatment for Black People

The treatment style is becoming either reason why the black people so rare getting head lice. How it cannot be? You can see almost African American boys shaved their head hair from the first sign of getting head lice. Of course that they solve the problem immediately.

And for the black girls, usually they have a great treatment such as straighten their hair. With great amount of heat from the hot iron or other straighten stuff, their head lice will be killed immediately too. So, they got remedy the problem. Got the style and say goodbye to lice.

How to Prevent Lice in Black People?

The answer  of “can black people get lice?” have varies. It depends on the country. Head lice of African, Nigerian and Brazilian and another black native have adapted with the typical shape of hair. So, they (head lice) are very hard to be taken or combed them out. They can make disaster for all family members or school environment where the kids are be.

For combatting these parasites, the good news are in our kitchen. Some simple home remedies ingredients will help to get rid of these lice before this colony has a chance to be  terrible problem. All oily stuff, such as coconut and tea tree oil are fabulous option. Baby oil and mayonnaise sause are also harmful for head lice. These kind of oily product will suffocate them soon, and they will prevent the young one from getting a strong handle of the hair. Guesse if these oily products are applied everyday, the head lice will not have opportunity to breed. They will diappear from hair dramatically.

Finally, learning about head cleanliness is the next tips to get rid of head lice. All families, no matter what the skin color should understand the basics information of head lice and how these small monsters move from one person to other person.

It is very crucial to understand the prevention steps to keep ourselves from transmission the parasite. For example; never sharing combs, hat, or other private stuffs that might being touched by head. For preventing, you may check out your children head after school. It is tottaly necessary to see their heads every day and ensure to get proper treatment if you find them.

Black People and Lice

Black People and Lice

In Africa, head lice don’t have many choice to live in. They have adapted to crawling in coarse hair. However, there are many choices  in the USA or other Western countries, all hair shapes is available, but they prefer living on white people who has smooth hair.

Moms treatment after school also can remove head lice before it become serious problem. Mostly African American boys get their hair cut off as short as it can be done or shaved it off. This simple way will make head lice do not get much in home. For the girls, they get their hair straightened with an iron hot hair strengthener. While the process, head lice perish because they cannot survive from the heat.

Back to the question, can black people get lice? Yes, they can, but very rare. These little monsters do not get deploy only through the African American population. They can get spread everywhere to anybody whether you are an african american or other race.  So, should African American children be checked out for head lice at their school? Possibly, they should. We need diagnosis and right treatment to get rid of lice because there is still a little chance of getting infested with.

Lice take just a few days to reproduce on our head. If one child get lice, he can infest the entire family with these lice. Now we understand why lice treatment should be prompt and effective. The most important thing is regular checking up to detect head lice earlier.

Head lice infestation can become a health and social problem for everyone no matter for white people or black people if detection and treatment do not be done timely and properly.

In other words, even though African American children have a little chance catching lice, they should not be ignored for getting the usual precautions.

Lice On Black People

Lice are kind of insect which are very tiny. They live on the scalps of humans and also another similar mammals. These insects monsters prefer to stay in a dry and warm scalp. Dry and warm scalps are navigable. So, those areas are a much more comfortable home than any other areas. How do people get lice? Lice spread very easily and they can be quite difficult to rid of, even there are many kind of shampoos and lice treatments.

The main reason why those of African American people descent suffer from these insect problem less is cause of their pores and follicles. They have typically different pores and follicles function compared to white people.

The other small reason those of black people are at less risk is because their hair are more tightly coiled. This form makes it slightly more difficult for little monsters to navigate the scalp. If they can not move as they want, they will die.

So overall, everyone who has more open pores will be less likely to get lice infestation. Lice will feel uncomfortable to live in open pores. This type of scalp is a less suitable habitat for them. However, the differences pores between black people and white people, more or less oil production or follicle differences are not accurate reason why black people can’t get lice.

The Beginning History of This Myth

Nobody can really know how this myth was formed. In 1920’s people started to believe that people with black skin can’t get lice. It became popular when oiled hair with much grease was the top trend for African Americans. Oiled hair make lice hard to move. And it become very difficult for lice to choose that kind of scalp as a potential home.

Actually, a treatment will be very effective when people also know what to do after that. They should be instructed to wash all bedroll like pillow case, bed linen, blanket and also vacuum all place where the head may have been, for example car seats, coat hoods, and sofas. You also can boil combs and brushes for 5-10 minutes for delousing. Furthermore, freezing items for 24 hours may also well…  GET MORE INFORMATION on site Beautykissmis.com


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