Top Best Foods that are Good for Your Skin

best food for skin

Eating certain foods can actually boost up your appearance and improve your skin’s health rather than putting on sunscreen only. Some believe that you are what you eat, because what your look resembles exactly the things you put inside your body. Foods that are good for you skin are varied in types and can protect your skin from the inside so you will have a glowing, healthy skin. If you are struggling to get those extremely expensive skincare products with less effective effects, the science behind skincare is much simpler than we think, often comes with infinite benefits for your overall health.

4 Best Foods that are Good for Your Skin

Undoubtedly, your lifestyle strongly affects your appearance. Eating foods that are good for your skin not only bring benefits to your face, but most of them are also beneficial in fighting skin cancer and other health problems. Below are some foods that are good for your skin.


In many cases, honey is believed to have ‘magical’ effects that can cure almost any disease. When you are regularly consuming honey, it will promote moisture and prevent dry, flaky, itchy, and dull skin. Not only rich in moisturizing properties, honey also plays a great role as antibacterial agent with high sugar content that fights against bacteria and beneficial to impede infection.


The delicious eggs are proven effective in promoting healthy skin due to its rich content of Vitamin A and biotin. If you are worried about the yolk, and want to separate it from the whites, think twice. The source of vitamin A helps to fight acne and repair itself. Eggs are also capable to soften your skin, making it looks healthier and clearer. Women also love to use the whites as facemask, as its content known to improve skin firmness and heal the skin from the sun damage.


The next foods that are good for your health are nuts. Nuts are known for its high antioxidant content that helps skin to fights against free radical and sun damage, alleviate dullness, dry skin, and promote healthier, younger-looking skin.

All Types of Berries

Strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries have one thing in common; the three of them have very rich vitamin C and antioxidant content. As we know, the benefits of antioxidant content for your skin are abundant, including fighting against free radical, protecting from sun exposure, revitalization of skin, repair cells, and prevent premature ageing. In result, people who consume foods that are good for your skin can improve their skin look in general, and have younger, healthy skin.


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