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Beautiful Rosy Skin With Strawberry Mask

Beautiful Rosy Skin With Strawberry Mask

         Nobody hates this tasty, sweet, a bit sour fruit, strawberry. This fruit is everyone’s favorite snack for hot summer. However, it’s not only delicious but also benefits for healthy skin. You will get beautiful rosy skin with strawberry mask. Strawberry is a good source of Vitamin C as strong antioxidant for your body. It can defend from free radical which is harmful not only for body but also the skin. Hence, strawberry can prevent you from premmature aging.

Strawberry is way much better than steroids for skin effect. Here are the steps to make the mask:

  • 5 medium size strawberries
  • 1 spoonful of yoghurt
  • 1 spoonful of lemon water
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

         First of all, grate strawberries then add yoghurt and lemon water. Mix them well in the bowl and add honey. Keep mixing them until they become paste. Then you can apply the paste to your clean face using hands or brush. Let them stay on your face for 15 minutes then rinse it off with luke warm water. Dry your face using soft towel.

         Strawberry has great agent to make your skin looks healthy, bright with pinkish tone, and stay away from acnes. Hence, you must be aware danger of whitening cream that you should avoid. It’s better for you to choose home remedies for skin treatment rather than using whitening cream with dangerous ingredients such as steroids or mercury which is very harmful for skin and the overall health.

         You can do strawberry mask treatment once or twice a week. It’s easy to make healthy and natural mask yourself using items available in your kitchen. The most important thing is it’s a safe way to do and won’t harm your skin. Indeed, you will get healthy and beautiful rosy skin with strawberry mask.


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