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Basic Hygiene Prevents Acne, You Must Know These

 Basic Hygiene Prevents Acne

It is a common anecdotal belief that dirt causes acne while in practice it is not the primary cause of acne. Dirt itself never causes acne; however it may aggravate the symptoms and severity. Keeping your body clean is essential for healthy skin. Outer layers of skin respire and get oxygen. In case of dirt, skin cells are unable to get efficient oxygen. Briefly saying, regular bath and basic hygiene makes your skin healthy, fresh and good looking.

For facial cleansing, cleansers are usually used that removes dirt from hair follicles. Dirt penetrates into skin layers that can not be removed simply by washing your face with water unless you use suitable mild face cleanser in conjunction with any soap. Cleansers are made on the same purpose.

Yet we have discussed dirt particles; let us discuss germs and parasites that infect the skin.

Bacteria and other parasites exist in the air and settle down your face during their haphazard motion. Bacteria enter hair follicles and start their reproduction. Most common bacteria to occur within hair follicles are Propionibacteria and Escherichia coli. Bacterial infection and inflammation make hair follicles narrower restricting efficient sebum discharge.

In severe cases, bacteria mixes with sebum and make plaque. The plaque clogs the hair follicles. Blocked hair follicles cause to form bumps called whiteheads and blackheads. Pimple, papules and pustules are all severe forms of blackheads.

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The bacteria that gets enter your hair follicles feed on your body’s nutrients and as a result cells of hair follicles get deprived of essential nutrients and vitamins. As the time passes by, the infection aggravates and it begins to damage hair follicles as there is nothing for skin cells to feed on. In this condition bacteria create master slave relationship with skin cells.

Avoid Patting dry with Towel:

Avoid using towel after bath and face wash. Towel contains colonies of bacteria that you yourself transfer to your skin after having rinsed your face. Most people neglect the fact and always use towel. In case of acne, it is useless to use any herbal or synthetic remedies unless you give up using towel.

Always Rinse off Cosmetics before Going to Sleeping:

During sleeping, temperature of your body increases slightly than normal. Cosmetics restrict the sebum to get discharged from the skin and mixes with bacteria to form plaque. Heat is the favorable condition for bacterial to grow.


Although dirt does not cause acne, it aggravates the symptoms. Bacteria within towel or air get enter your skin and infect hair follicles. Avoid using towel after bath and face wash.

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