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Facts About Acne and Immune System

Facts About Acne and Immune System

In this article you will learn whether acne and immune system are correlated to each other or not. If they are, then how are they related?

Before we explain how they are correlated to each other, it is necessary to learn basics of immune system.

Immune system:

Your immune system consists of:

  • Lymphatic vessel
  • Lymph nodes
  • Bone Marrow
  • Thymus
  • Spleen

Lymphatic vessels:

Lymphatic vessels are similar to veins except that they have more valves than veins. A colorless fluid with lymphocytes travels through these lymphatic vessels.

Lymphatic nodes:

When lymphatic vessels dilate at various points, they are called lymphatic nodes. Foreign particles like bacteria, viruses and other unwanted substances are trapped in the lymphatic nodes just like a filter.

Bone Marrow:

Lymphocytes are produced in bone marrow and for maturation they are transferred into the thymus. Here they grow and are released into lymphatic vessels.


Thymus is a gland under your breast bone which is responsible for the formation and maturation of lymphocytes.


An organ located under your ribs and works as a filter for blood.


Just like the blood vessels and capillaries, your body is also awarded with a network of lymphatic vessels, lymphatic organs like thymus, spleen and lymphatic nodes. Lymphatic vessels differ from blood vessels in that they do not have an organ like heart to pump the lymphatic fluids into the lymphatic vessels.

Colorless liquid containing lymphocytes and other ingredients called lymph travels through theses vessels. Minute lymphatic vessels like blood capillaries are scattered through out the body and the skin.

How does lymphatic system work?

Lymphatic system is responsible for:

  1. Absorption of interstitial fluid
  2. Trapping the foreign particles (bacteria, viruses and other harmful invaders)
  3. Killing foreign particles
  4. The interstitial fluid is drained into the veins.

Do you know how lymph travels in lymphatic vessels? By muscular contraction and rarefaction, lymphatic vessels are stimulated and lymph travels through several valves called lymphatic valves.

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Conclusively, your immune system consists of lymphatic system responsible for defense against foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses and other harmful foreign invaders.

We were talking about the correlation between acne and immune system. Now you can better understand what we want to explain here.

Remember that two major causes of acne are:

  • Bacteria
  • Stimulation of sebaceous glands

Thus if your immune system is weak and unable to defend bacteria invading through your skin pores and hair follicles, you will be more prone to develop acne until you strengthen your immune system.

Another aspect is that acne flares up due to stimulation of sebaceous glands and narrowing the hair follicles. Once an unidentified foreign body invades your body and your immune system can not recognize it and it produces an anti body to kill the invader, the anti body also stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Due to restricted passage, sebum can not discharge through the upper layer of skin and ruptures the hair follicles. At this stage, bumpy whiteheads form.

Conclusively, your immune system relates to acne in two different ways, the bacteria and second stimulation of sebaceous glands due to foreign invaders reaction by immune system.

The only proper method to treat acne is to strengthen your immune system by eating balanced diet.

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