4 Ways to Remove Frackle Fast with Cucumber

Remove Frackle Fast with Cucumber

Nobody like frackle. For women having a flawless face is a must. We can do everything to make the dark spot disappear. Frackle can be cause of pimples, injury, wrong diet, lack of sleep, exposion sunlight and many more. Whatever the caused is, dark spots make our appearance is far from perfect.

The simple solution is

If you are lookin for the cure, you can use cucumber. For years, people know cucumber as a home skin care. Cucumber will remove freckles fast from your face. It will make skin flawless, cure pimples, and yes, you will get an elastic skin. Actually, you also use onion to remove freckle. But it brings uncomfortable hot feeling. So, the alternative is using a super fresh cucumber. You can prefer one of four ways that we share!

Making a cucumber juice

Pick a cucumber then blend it into a juice. Rub the juice to all over your clean face with a cotton. Repeat this treatment twice a day before getting bath.

Grating cucumber

You can grate cucumber and add sandalwood powder, then massage your clean face with this mixture. Let it for a few minutes and wash face with water. Dry your face with towel. You can do this 2 – 3 times a week.

Slicing cucumber

Slice the cucumber then soak in cold water for 5 minutes. Massage your face with cold cucumber. Don’t forget to put a slice onto each eye to get fresh eye. This treatment you do everyday before bed and you will feel different in the morning.

Freezing cucumber

Slice cucumber and take them into a container. Put it into a fridge untill freezing. When you see it’s freeze enough, take it out and put the cucumber on your face. Repeat this home care everyday for a week or as long as you need.

All these tips need your patience because the result is not instant. But all your hardwork will be pay off with your healthy and beauty skin.


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